Millenials Adopt Crypto-Lifestyle At Rapid Pace

Millenials Adopt Crypto-Lifestyle At Rapid PaceMillenials Adopt Crypto-Lifestyle At Rapid Pace

Phoenix, AZ (CFRN) January 8, 2018 --  ChristianTraders a privately held technical analysis firm reports that 30 to 40% of all Cryptocurrency purchased so far has been by the so called Millenials who range in age from 18 to 34 years. Based on the data, unless Baby Boomers pick up the pace, Millenials could own as much as 50% of all Cryptocurrency sold by 2020.

Millenials Invest Up To $21 Billion Daily In Cryptocurrency
Last month Crypto Trading Volume among all Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and even Alt Coins such as the CT Global Token offered by Average daily trading volume for all crypto exceeded $50 billion dollars in just 24 hours on December 19th, 2017. Average daily volume in the first month of 2018 has already exceeded $70 billion dollars daily. This is equivalent to the NYSE daily volume. Millenials at only 30%, the low end of the range based on data, shows the 18-34 year old age bracket investing $21 billion dollars every 24 hours in this brave new digital world. 

Pray For The Old White Guy
Many to the left of the political aisle already feel there is unequal wealth distribution in the United States. Bernie Sanders ran a campaign on it. Turns out, Millenials were sympathetic to Bernie's pleas, but when it came time to vote, Millenials voted with their digital wallet, not a hanging chad.
What will this do to the battle cry "The old white guys have all the money".  At you can read quotes and listen to interviews with some of the oldest rich and famous white guys in the world. Christian Traders is winding down their CT Global Token Pre-Sale scheduled to end January 31, 2018. While you're there, read "The Honest White Paper". No literary or technical masterpiece, but for once... I actually understood it.

Crypto Exchanges In Danger Of Closing
Several major Crypto Exchanges have closed their doors to new clients. With more than 100,000 new accounts opened daily across all exchanges, companies simply aren't able to scale fast enough to meet demand. While this might appear to be a "good problem", it couldn't have come at a worse time. With cryptocurrency prices climbing, we expect to see a major shakeout in the industry.  We predict 3-5 clear winners emerging while other doors are permanently shuttered across the digital landscape due to excessive demand. That almost sounds like Jumbo Shrimp but the stakes are much higher than we ever imagined.

Which Alt Coin Becomes The Next Bitcoin
There is obviously much speculation as to which Alternative Currency will surge next in true Bitcoin fashion. Stay tuned... We will continue to bring you the latest news on both Emini Futures and Cryptocurrency every trading day from 12pm-2pm Eastern M-F. To watch and/or listen to the daily broadcast (now in its 2nd decade) Click Here or join the Live Broadcast on YouTube by Clicking Here.

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