Jagrit Pratap Singh Founder of Hiptoro Has Emerged As the Popular Indian Facebook Influencer

Jagrit Pratap Singh Founder of Hiptoro Has Emerged As the Popular Indian Facebook Influencer

(January 06, 2017) - Jagrit is a leading Indian Facebook influencer and the founder of HipToro. HipToro is a viral content portal – with global audience reach in millions –that produces hip, happy and in-trend stories across spectrums. In its own words, the platform “bring to you the latest celebrity gossip and trending stories from around the world so that you are always up to date,” promising to de-stress your life with fun and laughter.

“I wanted a media website that’s a slightlydifferent but not obnoxious. Something that talks about trending topics but also exudes an upbeat feeling,” said Jagrit on his brainchild HipToro. “We are already reaching millions of audience around the world. Our contents regularly go viral. We are, in fact, one of fastest growing portals in thisniche with such a higher engagement rate with the audience,” he added.

Few years back, Jagrit Pratap Singh was just another guy in the neighborhood—only with distinct ambitions and unconventional approach. At large, his life nowrevolves around his work that far stretches the 9-5 schedule, going into late nights, even on the weekends and holidays.

When not donning his entrepreneurial hat, Jagrit is also a well-reputed viral influencer in India, engaging with several big and small brands. Over the course, employing his innovative skills, better practices and wide reach on the likes of Facebook and Twitter, he has helped businesses of diverse niches spread their wings on social channels.

Jagrit has also been featured in many big publications, including the likes of Huffington Post, Inc. and Forbes that has added immense weight to his young but already impressive resume, cementing his success to another level. He also regularly mingles with other industry leaders, attends high-profile events and speaks on different forums.

“Of course, the walk till here wasn’t very easy and straightforward. There were quite a few obstacles both as an entrepreneur and viral influencer India,” quipped Jagrit.

“Influencer marketing is still at a nascent stage in the country. Plus building a bond of trust with your audience is quite a challenge. People would only listen to you as long as you’re not trying to make money through endorsements and affiliates. So to gain their trust is difficult,” he said, talking about his reputation as a top Indian Facebook influencer.

On his entrepreneurial journey of founding a media giant in an already crowded space, Jagrit said, “In recent times, many mediocre viral content portals have come up. Our main focus was to stand out from this crowd and talk to the audience directly. We didn’t just want to talk about trendy stuffs, but also make an impact on readers’ lives through upbeat stories.”

“We’ve done that till now with complete precision. HipToro will continue to grow and set new industry benchmarks in the coming months and years, ”he added.

About Jagrit Pratap Singh:
Jagrit Pratap Singh is a well-renowned Indian Facebook influencer. He is also the founder of popular viral content portal HipToro that reaches millions of readers around the world, every month, through its stories on celebrity gossips and trending topics. Jagrit has been featured on many top publications, including Huffington Post, Inc. and Forbes. To know more, please click http://www.jagrit.com/.

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