New Year, New You! The Savvy Beauty

New Year, New You! The Savvy Beauty New Year, New You! The Savvy Beauty New Year, New You! The Savvy Beauty

There is no better time to evaluate where you are versus where you want to be in life. The new year always marks a place where we can reflect, observe, and decide if we are happy with our lives or if they need some form of change. Many of us make a resolution and leave it there, going no further into the depths of our soul to find something that is in great NEED of changing. It’s time to pull down the veil of distractions and finally take some time to look deep within ourselves so that we, as humans, can change and evolve into better people at every opportunity we get. So what are the steps on becoming a new you? Well let’s start with a few simple things.

Write Down What Traits the Ideal You Would Have

This can literally be a list of whatever you choose. There are no rules, limits, or wrong answers here. What we do suggest is to elaborate on your answers so that you can get an idea (a little later) on how you can make these things a reality. As an example, being more kind would be a wonderful trait, right? Well think about how you can be more kind. Perhaps giving to the less fortunate more often, saying please and thank you, showing others your compassion and understanding, etc. There are many answers but really try to put down a small detail of what exactly you mean. This list can be as long as you’d like. This is the ideal you.

Write Down Some Things That You Want to Eliminate From Your Life

These are generally things that do not represent the best version of who you are. Perhaps some bad habits, unattractive behaviours, poor character traits, or just things that no longer serve you (i.e. alcohol, processed foods, being taken advantage of, paying too much for stuff, etc.) The sky is the limit here. Find things that really do not serve who you are and get rid of them – even if it happens to be some individuals in your life.

Identify Times When You Could Be More like Your 'Ideal Self'

Are there opportunities in your life where you could exercise some more patience or love? Perhaps with your kids or your husband? Are you the best mother, sister, wife, daughter, friend that you could possibly be? Probably not, but that’s okay because now you can stop yourself from reacting in old ways and start changing your behaviour. It will take time and a lot of patience but it can work if you’re dedicated. Perhaps you have an employee at work who always asks for your help. Next time try to respond with more patience and kindness rather than short remarks or unkind words. This can literally be applied to any situation in your life. Rather than reacting, be proactive – take a breath and try to respond differently.

Be Patient with Yourself

Many people spend their lifetime improving who they are as well as who they want to be. Constantly tweeking and changing aspects of what make up who they are. This is really a starting point to a lifetime of self-improvement, self-empowerment, and happiness. There is no better time to start than right now! If you are looking for a makeover to go along with your new and improved self – go for it, girl! Grab Beauty360 Strong Hold Hair Gel ( for $3.52) and rock a new hairstyle! Pick up a new kick-butt outfit and start acting like the better version of yourself today.

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