Tips for Maintaining Youthful, Glowing, Radiant Skin: The Savvy Beauty

Tips for Maintaining Youthful, Glowing, Radiant Skin: The Savvy Beauty Tips for Maintaining Youthful, Glowing, Radiant Skin: The Savvy Beauty Tips for Maintaining Youthful, Glowing, Radiant Skin: The Savvy Beauty

The beauty industry thrives on your desire to look younger, radiant, flawless, and glowing. There are products that can help you achieve this goal effortlessly. However; the results are short term, filling in momentary beauty wish with products, after products, after products. There is a secret to youthful, glowing skin that maybe you haven’t considered. Perhaps because lifestyle choices are never really discussed but rather product choices with instant results are the mainstream solutions. This is appealing for young women especially who are put up against unrealistic ideals of beauty that are not achievable – at least without a lot of product. If you want to know the true secrets to healthy, youthful, glowing skin then keep reading.

Healthy skin is a sign of positive on-goings within the body or vessel. Your skin will almost immediately tell you if something is wrong because it will show on your face and body in no time. Eczema, psoriasis, redness, dryness, dullness are all results of health issues going on within your body. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to great skin and a robust life. So what can you do specifically to ensure you are giving yourself the best avenues for rebuilding skin cells, repairing damaged skin and transforming your complexion?

Drink Water

We’ve all been told 1000 times to drink more water. This is the most basic thing you can do for your body that will enhance the appearance of not only your skin but your hair, nails, eyes, and cognitive function. If you can’t dedicate some will power to drinking more water than you are not going to get the results you’re hoping for. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day and eat foods high in water content like celery, tomatoes and beets.

Eat Whole Foods

This means sticking to the outer edge of your grocery store. Say good bye to processed junk, frozen meals and boxed lunches. Grab a basket and head to the fruit and vegetable section. Load up on tons of fruits and vegetables that can be easily mixed into a few staple meals throughout the week or thrown over some rice, quinoa, pasta or salad. There are hundreds of books that cater to vegetarians and vegans which can start you with a base recipe which you can then build upon (even if you’re not either of these preferences).

Exercise Daily

Exercise is not just to lose weight. Trust us - weight will fall off with your increased water intake AND whole foods lifestyle. Weight will never be an issue for you again. Rather, exercise gets the lymphatic system moving which is the body’s drainage system. Exercise helps to move stagnant toxins and junk from your body to be released while loading you with tons of juicy, happy feeling hormones that will naturally fight depression and anxiety (among a host of other ailments). Exercise also increases blood flow which will leave you with a natural ‘glow’ for hours afterwards. Did we mention that you can increase your sex drive, appetite, mentality and muscle tone with as little as 1 hour of exercise a day?

Ground Yourself in Nature

There have actually been scientific studies conducted showing that humans NEED to ground themselves on the Earth, barefoot, to allow for an electron exchange to occur between the Earth and your body. The body is a completely electrical system and needs this electron exchange to maintain optimal health and vitality. When we wear shoes and spend all our times indoors, we are depriving our body from gaining the benefits that Earthing/Grounding has to offer and this can actually lead to mental and physical ailments if deprived for too long. Next time you step outside, take your shoes off and let Earth heal you from the inside - out!


This is becoming very popular and we know why. Meditation is your way of saying to your conscious mind, “take a break and go away for a while.” The thoughts that occur during mediation can provide essential guidance to your life’s questions, minimize/ eliminate stress, and bring your life back into perspective. Is there anything else more worth it than that? Meditation should be practiced throughout your lifetime and taught to children as part of their regular education. Meditation will change your mind, perspective but most importantly – your life.


This means drop some seriously bad habits. We know how hard it can be – we’ve all got em’ but this is essential to your overall health and wellbeing. Smoking, drinking alcohol in excess, drugs, processed foods, sugar, processed meats, fats, oils, greases, energy drinks, caffeine, and all the other nasties should be slowly and deliberately removed from your diet. They have almost zero nutritional value and cloud your mind, body, and soul. If you are serious about changing your skin and health, these are necessary steps to help you do it.

Rather than feeling that you are giving so much up to live better, think about it differently. Think about how mislead we’ve all been thinking the way we’ve been living is acceptable and healthy for us. Start thinking differently and your life will start to change for the better – we promise! Oh and always have a regular skin care routine to ensure it’s able to restore itself during your sleep with something like Studio35 Witch Hazel Cleanser/Toner from walgreens. This 2-in-1 will surely remove all the dirt, oil, and toxins from your skin that you encountered throughout the day. We wish you all the best with your new life endeavours!

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