Kansas City Men's Clinic Discusses Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

Kansas City Men's Clinic Discusses Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction Kansas City Men's Clinic Discusses Treatment Options for Erectile DysfunctionKansas City Men's Clinic Discusses Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

Kansas City, Missouri (PRBuzz) December 18, 2017

Men's Sexual Health Physicians Offer Various ED Treatment Pathways

The Kansas City Men’s Clinic announce treatment plans for men suffering from mild to severe erectile dysfunction.  The seasoned physicians at the Kansas City Men’s Clinic work with patients of all ages to customize a treatment plan for men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

ED, also known as impotence, generally affects men as they age.  Most patients are 50 years of age and older, however, the Kansas City Men’s Clinic have many patients that are younger then 50 whom they treat.  

The physicians at the Kansas City Men’s Clinic state that erectile dysfunction is a common sexual disorder that is treatable, however, treatment options should be customized for best results.  According to the Kansas City Men’s Clinic there are many treatment pathways for treating erectile dysfunction including external devices, medication, shots and pumps.  All of these are viable treatment options depending on the severity of ED.  For more information on erectile dysfunction, please visit online at http://thekansascitymensclinic.com/what-we-treat/erectile-dysfunction/.

Many patients seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction opt for Priapus Therapy which is an injectable treatment plan.  Patients receive regular shots in the penile area to stimulate the nerves and rejuvenate the penis.  Patients have reported very good results with such treatment including increased sensation and pleasure, strengthening of the penile tissue, improvement to erectile dysfunction, increased circulation as well as benefitting other therapies to work better.  Patients who have undergone Priapus Therapy have reported that since using the shots their other treatment methods (i.e. using Viagra, Cialis, etc.) work better.  At the Kansas City Men’s Clinic their clinicians highly recommend the Priapus Therapy for treating erectile dysfunction whether this treatment method is used on its own or in conjunction with another treatment program.

There are many options for treating erectile dysfunction.  Many men have tried using prescriptions such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and have found little to no success.  Research has shown that fewer then 50% of men suffering from both ED and diabetes respond well to oral medications.  Men recovering from prostate cancer and suffering from ED also have a low response to these types of medications.

The sexual health doctors at the Kansas City Men’s Clinic report that men suffering from ED often seek the advice from a urologist who typically recommends using external devices such as an external vacuum pump or a medicated urethral system.  Research has found only a small percentage of men will continue using these methods as very minimal results are experienced.  Both options are a more manual approach to achieving an erection and hamper any sort of intimacy during sexual intercourse.

Penile implants are another option for treating ED, also known as an internal penile pump.  Many men are not able to tolerate medications or do not respond to other options for treating ED so opting for a penile implant is another course of treatment.  This option is a water filled device that is inserted through a one-inch opening in the scrotal sac.  By squeezing the pump for one-minute fluid is pumped into the penis resulting in a lasting erection.  Patients have reported that ejaculation and orgasms are not affected with this form of treatment.   

The Kansas City Men’s Clinic wants men to know there are many viable options available for treating erectile dysfunction.  While Priapus Therapy is their most popular form of treatment, they do offer other options.

Men suffering from erectile dysfunction and living in the Kansas City area are encouraged to call the Kansas City Men’s Clinic at 816-533-4420 or visit online at: http://thekansascitymensclinic.com.  For more information on Priapus Therapy visit: http://thekansascitymensclinic.com/priapus/.

The Kansas City Men’s Clinic specializes in sexual health for men including ED, premature ejaculation, Peyronie’s Disease (curvature of the penis or a bent penis) and low testosterone.  Located at 1010 Carondelet Drive, Suite 416, Kansas City, MO 64114, men of all ages are invited to make an appointment with a physician at the Kansas City Men’s Clinic for better sexual health.  Men will find a comfortable lobby complete with men’s interest magazines and sports channel always on, an all-male staff, fast and confidential appointments.  The Kansas City Men’s Clinic sees patients Monday through Friday from 9am – 5pm.


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