The Solution to promote a healthier experience the way Mother Nature intended Is Now Available

Venice Blvd Los Angeles, California, 08/11/2017, Libido Drops, the solution to promote a healthier sexual experience the way Mother Nature intended, is now available.  Michelle Cole, in honor of her LATE friend Ron, created a company that would honor a healthy life style.   Ron was an herbalist, who developed a standard male and female enhancing and balancing formula he used for 20 years. When they collaborated on this formula he believed they perfected it.  Adding some key ingredients and doses he had never used in his formula before.  Michelle wants to pass on his legacy with “Libido Drops” for men, women, and couples.

According to Ron, “Low libido can bring about emotional and physical issues within each individual and the relationship with their significant other”.   Intimacy and sexual desire is a vital entity of a healthy relationship.  This is the reason why he had created his original formula.  He took it every day and kept his wife happy.  She had confessed to Michelle that he never had a problem getting an erection even at 75 years old.  They were together for over 40 years and Ron wanted everyone to be able to have a happy sex life and long-lasting relationship. THIS IS WHAT MAKES “LIBIDO DROPS” DIFFERENT THAN ANYTHING ELSE ON THE MARKET. IT’S CREATED WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS AND BY A TRUE HERBALIST. NOT IN SOME LAB WITH GENETICALLY MODIFIED INGREDIENTS.

Libido Drops are not only intended for people who want to have better sex. As a matter of fact, when taken daily, it offers tons of health benefits. For example, it assists in rebalancing your natural testosterone in the body, minimizes the symptoms of menopause and PMS, improves muscle tone, while reducing fat.  Both men and women say that their stamina and energy levels increase and at the same time, achieve better circulation and cognitive function. The product has been created carefully with selected organic ingredients such as ginger, yohimbe, wild yam root and others that are capable of igniting sexual arousal, lubrication and vitality.

The company offers Libido Drops for male, female and a package for couples, for combined sexual pleasure. The company fully believes that their product would be of great help for couples are looking to revive their sex life, and health safely.  It takes two to tango, so when you are both taking the products you both benefit a from healthier sex life. 

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who have low libido levels due to stress, age, physical imbalances, etc. Nevertheless, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they should give up the thought of having a sex life. After all, everyone deserves to have, not just sex, but GREAT sex. What makes these Libido Drops more promising is that it also comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, regardless of whether the bottle is completely empty. For more information about “Libido Drops” visit


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Company Name: Pure Power Co.
Contact Person: Michelle Cole
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Phone: 717-MY-DROPS 12504
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City: California
Country: United States

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