Maureen Elizabeth Farmer Announces Pregnant and in a Bad Spot

Maureen is 22 years old and currently 6 months pregnant

Lansing, MI – November 22, 2017 –Maureen Elizabeth Farmer is not a single mother, as she has a fiancée, but they have a lot of difficulty now in their lives.  Her fiancée is old-fashioned and a little bothered by asking for help, as he was raised to get it how you can, or do without.  So she is asking, as there is now more to be concerned about than their upbringing or pride.  They need help paying for the bills for care for the baby, stabilizing their housing situation, and getting supplies for the baby.

Now her fiancée does not like asking for help at all, as he is sort of old-fashioned and believes in doing for yourself all you can.  But his mother died right before they got together, and along with some other work problems, it put him in a bad spot.  So, they ended up in Michigan, where they have been renting a 10 x 10 room from someone while we try to get back on their feet.  They thought all was going to be well, and that we would be in a new place by the time the baby arrived.  However, the job he had slows in the winter to practically nothing (he only got an hour and a half the last two weeks).  So, he is looking for something else, but the truth is he has limits.  He has a Pacemaker.  Not enough to disable him, so it seems, but enough to prevent him from just taking any type of job.  But combined with other factors, work is hard for him to find (despite having two Associate’s Degrees). 

A few days ago, however, he ended up in the hospital, and we discovered that he also now has blood clots in his legs.  Along with the Pacemaker, he has Atrial Fibrillation.  All of this together makes his job hunt even more limited, and now we are not sure of getting out of this place before the baby comes.  But we need too.  It is filthy, with fleas and bedbugs, and the other people also living in this place leave garbage all over, food out, etc..  They do all they can to keep their area clean, but they have no control over how the other people who own the place live.  Further, they are now having problems making the appointments for pre-natal care as they are currently overdrawn in the bank.

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Maureen Elizabeth Farmer
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