Announcing the Launch of Curvy Ventures, a Company that Caters to the Plus Size Community

Announcing the Launch of Curvy Ventures, a Company that Caters to the Plus Size Community

Curvy Ventures is the newest company in the industry, dedicated to empowering the Plus Size Community and helping them feel accepted, loved and appreciated in the society.

Curvy Ventures has been primarily established to cater to the Plus Size Community. Before, the plus size community has been a minority, and they often feel inferior due to their size, which can also be attributed to how the society often depicts beauty. The company aims to end such problem and help motivate, uplift and empower those who belong to the plus size community. The company also relates to travel, events and empowerment with a great emphasis on acceptance and so much more.

“We host and plan vacation trips, parties and events for the Plus Size Community for women and men,” Maria Giugno, the founder of Curvy Ventures, stated.” “We provide a positive and comfortable atmosphere for people to learn to love the skin they’re in and to not feel judged because of their size,” Juan Garcia, the co-founded added.  The newly launched company opens doors for those within the community to be part of an organization where they can feel appreciated and valued regardless of their size. It provides a safe, comforting and empowering environment, especially for those who struggle because of their size.

Curvy Ventures was formed to empower people, add adventure to their life and help them see new places and experience new things, as well as to show them they can live life, have fun, make memories and try new things. These can be achieved by helping them step out of their comfort zone at any size with a group of people who may have the same hesitations.

What the community seeks is to develop a group where they can receive and give each other the encouragement and acceptance to try new things. Beauty comes in all sizes and shapes. The website will also have logo apparel and other items for sale, as well as some blogging and information from anything about travel, fashion, love, beauty and, encouragement, advice on life for plus size people, females and males.

As a part of its launch, the company is pleased to announce a Grand Opening Party kick off located at The Red Reef Bar at Fort Lauderdale on September 9, 2017 from 10pm to 2am.


For further details about the company, please visit or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information about the grand opening event.


Contact: Maria Giugno (Founder)

                Juan Garcia (Co-Founder)

Company: Curvy Curves



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