Lazy Oven Celebrates Pittston Tomato Festival

Lazy Oven Celebrates Pittston Tomato Festival

Lazy Oven, a popular slow cooker recipe website, announced their support for the upcoming Pennsylvania's Pittston Tomato Festival

A long-standing website that is best known for delicious recipes for the slow cooker, Lazy Oven, released a statement earlier this week encouraging everyone to attend the upcoming Pittston Tomato Festival in Pennsylvania. According to the brand's statement, their website is not in any way related to the event but they want to support and celebrate the festival to encourage consumers to eat healthy and at the same time support local food festivals around the country.

The 2017 Pittston Tomato Festival in Pennsylvania is one of the Northeastern part of the state's most anticipated food events of the year. The 4-day event has plenty of fun family-friendly activities in store such as a tomato contest, a 5K run, a parade, the Little Mr. and Miss Tomato contest, Queen Scholarship Pageant, tomato fights, a farmers market and so much more! 

Live musical performances will also be available - local musical acts such as Windfall, Fab 3, The Banana Hammocks, Phyllis Hopkins Trio and The Sperazza Band will grace the stage. A $10 entrance fee is collected at the entrance but proceeds will benefit local charities. The Pittston Tomato Festival will be held at 49 S. Main Street in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

"Lazy Oven is not associated with Pennsylvania's Pittston Tomato Festival, but we are in full support of the fun festival and encourage everyone to attend," says Brenda Sterling, representative for Lazy Oven. "We are passionate about anything food related - whether it be a recipes, an event or a holiday."

Lazy Oven not only features tried and tested slow cooker recipes but also allows users and visitors to submit their own. The website also offers plenty of tips and tricks all about slow cooking and using the crock pot. Recently, the website was re-launched a newer and fresher look and some new interface features which make browsing and looking for a recipes much easier. Some categories to browse include Appetizers, Breakfast, Lunch, Dessert, Dinner, Drinks and even Vegetarian recipes.

Lazy Oven also has a weekly newsletter that delivers delicious slow cooker recipes straight to your email inbox. To sign up, simply visit the site's home page. For questions, inquiries or more information about Lazy Oven's recipes, visit their official Facebook page or their website at

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