Advantages Of Kinesiology Tape In Managing Knee Osteoarthritis

Advantages Of Kinesiology Tape In Managing Knee Osteoarthritis

Clearwater, FL – 14th August, 2017 - One of the most common joint degenerative diseases, osteoarthritis is a chronic condition causing swelling, plain and stiffness of the affected areas. Knees in particular are prone to osteoarthritis and it can be very debilitating for sufferers. Unfortunately there is no cure for osteoarthritis and the condition has no specific cause. This can make osteoarthritis very difficult to manage. However, more people are finding that Kinesiology Tape can help to offer some pain relief.

Last year a Turkish study found that using Kinesiology Tape over a 2-3 week period could help to improve the daily function of people with knee osteoarthritis. Study participants were randomly split into two groups for the blind trial. Participants either had Kinesiology Tape applied to their quadriceps and hamstrings, or “non-therapeutic” transverse pieces of tape applied in the same location.

Researchers found that study participants with therapeutic Kinesiology taping reported less pain and improved mobility compared with the “non-therapeutic” control group. More interestingly, these improvements were still present even after a month following the cessation of the taping intervention. This latest research adds to the growing body of evidence that knee osteoarthritis management can benefit from kinesiology taping.

This therapeutic intervention helps because it is able to reduce the strain on the affect joints and this minimizes inflammation and stiffness. As a result, pain is reduced and movement enhanced. One of the great benefits of using Kinesiology Tape is that it’s an inexpensive, adaptable therapeutic option which patients can apply independently. This tapping technique can also reduce patient reliance on pain killers, further enhancing their quality of life.

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