High There! App Is a User-Friendly App to Meet 420 Friends

High There! App Is a User-Friendly App to Meet 420 Friends

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High There! App Is a User-Friendly App to Meet 420 Friends

Washington D.C. – High There! is an app that helps people that enjoy using marijuana connect and become friends. The app, which can be easily downloaded by both android and iOS users, is easy-to-use for beginners, as well as those that have been interacting with it for a while. Majority of the app users are looking to meet 420 friends that they can share experiences ranging from famous hangout spots and other legislative matters. Also, the app is a platform where friendships can graduate to lifetime companionships.

“Our aim is to put together a mobile application that makes it easier for pot lovers to quickly find each other, connect, and build valuable relationships”, said Rosie, a representative of High There! “The app has been designed with cannabis users as the main target so that they can enjoy using it and recommend it to friends that would find the platform helpful. Since we also use the app, we have the advantage of having insider information on what the community needs and have subsequently integrated cool features that are useful to users.”

The legalization of marijuana in many states has not erased the stigma that users of the drug face, making the app a safe place to interact with people who share a similar interest. Developers of High There! have made their platform a social network where users can browse through profiles of individuals interested in 420. Users can easily connect with those that have similar interests or reside in the same area which often leads to friendships. Apart from creating relationships, the app also allows exchange of information related to cannabis.

To make connection with 420 friends on the app much easier, the developers provide it free of charge. Cannabis lovers only need to set up an account after downloading the app on their phone and they are on their way to making lifelong friendships. Getting an account approved on High There! only takes a few minutes and soon pot lovers are ushered into a world where judgment on their preferred lifestyle does not exist.

The ultimate goal of High There! is to be the bridge that connects weed users across the United States and around the world. It aims to maintain a simple interface that can be easily navigated regardless of internet knowledge resulting in amazing friendships. So far, the bringing together of pot lovers in states that have legalized the recreational drug through the app is a sign of bigger things to come for the community.


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