High There! App Looks to Expand as Recreational Use Is Now Legal in Nevada

High There! App Looks to Expand as Recreational Use Is Now Legal in Nevada

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High There! App Looks to Expand as Recreational Use Is Now Legal in Nevada

Washington D.C. – High There! is a mobile application tailor-made for Cannabis enthusiasts in the US and beyond. The app, which has a loyal following already, has seen the number of users grow within the states that have legalized the use of marijuana for recreation purposes. The latest state to allow the sale of the recreational drug is Nevada, which is seen as a positive step by developers of High There! The legalizing of cannabis use in Nevada is a green light for developers of the app to expand to accommodate new users and help build a community of like-minded people.

“It’s surreal,” said a company representative of High There! “Nevada is one of the states that cannabis users have been battling to allow recreational use and it is now a reality. We are looking forward to connecting more users in the state with the app and hopefully get many more downloads. The good thing is that we already had people interested in the app within the state, making expansion quite easy from this point on.”

The fact that High There! offers a “judgment free” platform for cannabis users is a plus for people in Nevada that are now allowed to enjoy their drug of choice with no fear. Finding friends to hang out with now be much easier for users within the state when they start using the app. New users will only need to download the app and start using it immediately after providing information used to set up an online account. Many will find that the app is designed with marijuana users in mind and offers an excellent opportunity to connect with others.

The legalization of recreational use in Nevada is good news for developers as it will demonstrate its main goal which is to connect and create a community for cannabis users. High There! users also get a chance to enlarge their network beyond their resident state to those that have already legalized marijuana. Since the app is also used for dating purposes, users can now cast their net wider in their quest to find love in Nevada and hopefully find the love of their lives.

High There! is an innovation whose time has come. With many more states making the decision to allow marijuana use for recreational purposes, its growth and influence within the community is foreseeable. To get more information on the app, check the information below.


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