Odiepalooza-2 Will Take Place Saturday, August 12th & Everyone Is Invited To Buttonwood National Park

Odiepalooza-2 Will Take Place Saturday, August 12th & Everyone Is Invited To Buttonwood National Park

The Second Annual Odiepalooza Has Been Announced By Massachusetts’s Renowned Animal Rescue, Odies Place.

New Bedford, MA, USA - May 12, 2017: Odie’s Place Animal Rescue has announced that it will be organizing OdiePalooza-2 at the Buttonwood Park in New Bedford, Massachusetts. The event will be held on August 12th, 2017 and it will be the second annual OdiePalooza event organized by the renowned Animal Rescue Service of The Bay State. Coming with a new twist this year, the OdiePalooza event will start at 11 AM and will continue till 5 PM.

“This is not only just a major honor but also a dream come true for our organization to be hosting this great event at such an iconic park.” Said Brian Harrington, the President of Odie’s Place Animal Rescue. “Odie loved 

the Buttonwood Park it was his favorite park.” He added. According to Brian, he grew up with the Whaling City Festival and hopes to create many smiles and awesome memories at this event. The Animal Rescue has received phenomenal feedback from several pet owners, families and pet lovers from all corners of the country.

This year’s OdiePalooza will have a lot to offer for the animal lovers and everyone else in attendance. There will be a food truck family festival event with Live Entertainment and over 80 vendors will be participating. The OdiePalooza-1 was also a major success in 2016 and this event that is also a family gala will be a continuation of the tradition set by the Odie’s Place last year. Odie’s Place Animal Rescue are a 501(c) 3 approved animal rescue service in Massachusetts that takes all breeds and a lot of people have brought in their pets with satisfaction and joy. Moreover, all the animals brought at Odie’s Place go into Pre-Approved foster homes and are kept with love and care.

Besides the OdiePalooza-2 that will be a major sensation this summer, another major attraction for the attendants is going to be the iconic Buttonwood Zoo. Located at the heart of the Buttonwood Park, the 10-Acre zoo is home to some of the most amazing and unique animal breeds of America and is home to thousands of visitors each year. With the spirit of love, fun, entertainment, awareness and most importantly, animals. President Brian Harrington along with his dedicated team have expressed the hope that many families will attend this year’s OdiePalooza and they have cordially invited everyone to come and support their cause.

For further details, please visit: www.odiesplace.org

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