Zany Stella Ralfini (70) Emerges as Inspirational Woman of our Times

Zany Stella Ralfini (70) Emerges as Inspirational Woman of our Times

Her latest campaign sees her setting out to prove that older women are not past their sell by dates - and her attitude and photos are testament to this fact.

One of Stella’s recent blogs for Huff Post ‘How to Get Back in The Dating Game at 70,’ has been featured in publications around the world and she has no problem poking fun at herself, as in evident in lines such as: ‘The moment he saw me turn the corner, his mobile went to his ear (was it my purple hair or avantegarde outfit that turned him off?) He invented an illness for his granddaughter, mumbled as he rushed off that he’d be in touch and that was the end of him.’

In her latest blog ‘How to Get What You Want Through Sheer Persistence,’ her determination to find a partner grows, although she doubts she’ll get many suitors due to her new, more honest dating site profile which tells us ‘she wants to try a vape with cannabis oil in LA to relive her hippie days and has a penchant for peep shows in Amsterdam.’

Not one to do things by halves, next week Stella brings out a video with description, ‘OAP dances on highway to Jennifer Lopez’s, I Ain’t Your Mama in protest that older women are also getting a raw deal from men.’

Behind her apparent madness, however, Stella’s message is loud and clear as she tackles ageism. ‘At 70, I’m fit, take care of my looks and intend to rock until rock turns to dust so it would be nice if men stopped seeing us as old ladies who sit at home knitting bootees for grandkids.’

Stella is regularly asked to appear on TV shows but turns most down because she feels their intent is to ridicule the old. As she says ‘I know ridicule sells well because I found myself in that position in the past. However, it is time we were promoted to inspire and whilst my take on ‘inspiration,’ is whacky, I feel from the messages I receive, that I am touching hearts and opening people’s minds.’

Stella’s method of tackling the issue is indeed brave but she says, ‘I don’t give a damn about being slammed by the press. I’ve been a freedom fighter my whole life and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.’

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