Sex Workers Are Everyday People Who Pay Taxes

Perth, Australia 15th May 2017 - One of Australia’s Biggest advertising service for girls working in the private escort industry, Private Girls Australia business owner, strongly disagrees with how sex workers were portrayed on Channel 10’s television show ‘The Project’ recently. And the comments and reaction of the Uber driver Daniel, as well as Carrie Bickmore and Aly Waleed.  

Comments like this - 


"How often do you mix up a customer for a sex worker?" asked an amused Aly. 


"I can see how you would get them confused," commiserated Bickmore. "I would never have thought that was a sex worker."


Really?  There is a way of telling what a sex worker looks like now? Carrie Bickmore’s sarcastic tone and Waleed’s ignorant statement set the tone for the segment which has outraged professional sex workers.


“Sex work is a business, they pay tax just like everyone else and a lot more than most people. A sex worker may not work 9-5 hours but they still work for a living, but at the times that suit them”.


They (sex workers) are no different to having a white collar worker in an Uber car, or a lawn mower man or a mother with a child (who by the way could also be a sex worker and professional at it).



“Because of the stigma surrounding sex work, there are many who do choose to remain anonymous or retain a sense of privacy around what they do. There are thousands of sex workers out there. 


What a lot of you, don’t know sadly - (because if you supported those you love, you would know) is that your own daughter, mother, sister, cousin, best friend, neighbour, uncle, father, brother - anybody in fact in your life could be one, but YOU don’t know because they choose not to tell because of conditioned thought processes of our behind the times mindset.  


Lucie B, self-described as “Australia's Goddess of Geek. Companion. Pleasure Seeker. Jet-setter,” who herself work in the sex industry and is currently at SEXPO In Perth has been vocal in her condemnation of the segment.


Although she did congratulate the Project team on Twitter for ‘taking a few steps back’ in the debate.


Other workers have taken to Twitter to voice their disgust at the segment. 


Marci Romaine @RomaineMarcella

@theprojecttv Just when we think you are ready to hear us, to accept us as the extremely normal slice of society we are... this.


Marci Romaine @RomaineMarcella

@theprojecttv existing. Thanks for dehumanising us via public platform once more. Disheartening and discouraging. Thanks a lot.


Millie Baylis @MillieBaylis

@theprojecttv Well done encouraging people to laugh at, disrespect and dehumanise already highly stigmatised people and their work for literally no reason


S E X Y R A C H E L‏ @SexyRachelGrey 

#TheProjectTV You probably pissed off the strongest, most powerful, soulfully charged demographic with your ignorant story. Best Apologise.


Ida Blume‏ @LoveIdaBlume 

we live normal lives.

we pay taxes.

we do real work.

we are not to be stigmatised.


Elle Knox‏ @ElleKnoxxxau 

#TheprojectTV this is what a Sex Worker looks like. We are REAL people, providing a LEGAL service, living NORMAL lives. Do a segment on that


This all comes as Netflix is getting blasted for outing sex workers without their consent in their latest documentary “Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On”. Netflix are accused of exploiting sex workers, in an attempt to ‘empower them’.


“It’s time for people to open your eyes.  We have more problems with alcohol and drugs in our society, road rage, bashings, angry drunks, wife bashings, and yet we stigmatise a profession which is as old as the hills. Which is now being bought into the future as a business for many professional people. It’s time for society to adopt a more progressive attitude to sex workers and the industry.”


Private Girls Australia is one of Australia’s biggest online advertising services for sex workers, working in the private escort industry.





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