New Dating App iMillionaire Rejects Ugly And Poor Daters

If you are sick of dating an average Joe who thinks of eating out as a special occasion, or helicopters as unrealistic transportation, you may want to check out iMillionaire, a new dating app for iPhone users only.

Launched in Apple app store on April 21, iMillionaire caters only to the rich and beautiful. Everyone can sign up for free but not all people can stay. iMillionaire team manually screen and approve all dating profiles. 

“You need to be either rich or good-looking. Otherwise iMillionaire is not suitable for you,” said Ashley Mali, who works for iMillionaire.

When asked why they reject poor and ugly people, Ashley said: “Admit it or not, no millionaires or successful men would want to date ugly women. Rich men and beautiful women are matches made in heaven. We also welcome average-looking but well-to-do women who are looking for men equal in brains and financial status. But if you are ugly and you are poor, sorry, maybe iMillionaire is not for you. You won’t find any matches on iMillionaire.”

In speaking of how they judge if one is ugly or not, Ashley said: “We have a group of 5 staff to do this job. The rule is simple. You put yourself in a millionaire’s shoes and imagine, would you hate having sex with this person?” 

Seriously, you won’t want to try this dating app. But if you do, here is the link:

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