Treating Wounds & Infections Naturally With East Cape Manuka Oil – Hill Country Manuka Explains Why It Works!

Treating Wounds & Infections Naturally With East Cape Manuka Oil – Hill Country Manuka Explains Why It Works!

San Fernando, CA – May 2nd, 2017 – Any cut or abrasion of the skin can become infected, even if the area has been washed. Some infections can persist for days to weeks and in some cases, they can lead to other more severe health problems. With the rise of anti-biotic resistant bacteria, taking chances with skin infections is something to be avoided. This is why it’s important to apply an anti-septic as soon as possible to the area of broken skin. Hill Country Manuka specializes in East Cape Manuka Oil. This essential oil is rapidly becoming a ‘must-have’ natural treatment for wound care. Company CEO and founder, Mr. Stevens, explains further:

“East Cape Manuka Oil is full of compounds that can neutralize infections caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. This is a great natural way to protect the body and/or promote healing if an infection has already taken hold. This essential oil also has anti-inflammatory agents that can reduce swelling and allow the wound site to recover. We are very fortunate enough to be able to retail this incredible rare oil to customers all over the United States and internationally.”

Hill Country Manuka has a trade agreement with a reliable New Zealand supplier of pure-grade East Cape Manuka Oil, known as the best in the world. In addition to helping treat wounds, this essential oil can be used to remedy boils, cold sores, tinea, athletes foot, muscle aches, dandruff, acne, insect bite and stings, minor burns; among other applications.

Additional information about this essential oil and its multitude of uses can be found on the Hill Country Manuka website. Customers who purchase products from this company will also receive a complementary eBook covering everything there is to know about this powerful essential oil.

Disclaimer: The statements contained above have not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a physician or veterinarian before beginning any treatment. 

About Hill Country Manuka
Hill Country Manuka is a US company which imports and distributes a variety of Manuka Oil products. The Manuka Oil is sourced from wild harvested, naturally organic Manuka tree forests and is steam distilled in a New Zealand laboratory.

Andrew Stevens
Hill Country Manuka
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