BioNeutra International Ltd. stock soars 207% after announcement of the company entering the medical marijuana market. Everyone knows that stocks in medical marijauana are soaring as they all position themselves into this new emerging market.

BioNeutra International Ltd. has very quickly positioned its self as a company with a much bigger vision than most companies by taking a global view of the emerging demand. Currently, with the exception of the national policy in place in Canada, the market is very fractured. Rules in every State are different and complex. 

Deloitte, a well respected consulting firm, clearly states in a recent report that the current licensees will not be able to meet the demand over the next number of years. 

To this end BioNeutra International Ltd is acquiring huge tracts of land for future growing operations. Originally we anticipated that our goal would be 5,000 acres which would make us the largest marijuana grow op in the world. However, we have upped that target to 10,000 acres. Properties are already being negotiated in the USA and Canada. We already have approximately 1500 acres negotiated.

With one of the medical marijuana licenses we are currently negotiating there is an export license attached which will allow us to export into all those countries that have recently legislated medical marijuana usage, such as Australia.

The recent rise of 207% in the value in our stock which is still in the pennies makes it a very attractive investment. As we move forward with what we feel will be very positive news we fully anticipate a significant appreciation.

Brian Bryant

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