Consumers Praise Furious Fitwear’s Advanced Knee Compression Sleeves For Superior Support

Consumers Praise Furious Fitwear’s Advanced Knee Compression Sleeves For Superior Support

Beaverton, OR – 9th January 2017 – Towards the end of 2016 Furious Fitwear announced the launch of a new high-end Knee Compression Sleeve. This company is renowned for creating exceptional quality fitness products that are affordable, easy to use and deliver to customer expectations. Since the launch of this product, Furious Fitwear has been busy fulfilling orders and the customer feedback has been exceptional.

“Best knee support I've found to date. Have purchased for friends and they love them too. We use then when skating - refer to sizing chart prior to ordering.” – Amazon customer ‘TR’

“Awesome” – Amazon customer ‘Robert’

“Very comfortable and helpful. Big difference in my mobility and my pain level. Forgot I was wearing it, it felt so good. Highly recommend it for knee problems.” – Amazon customer “Stephen Bailey.

These are just a few of the recent testimonials that customers have been posting on the Furious Fitwear retail page. When asked what makes their Knee Compression Sleeve stand out from other brands, company founder and CEO, Mr. Author, stated:

“Our knee sleeve is made from exceptionally high-quality materials and woven in a way which will offer excellent support and protection. The sleeve features anti-slip double silicone gel strips to ensure that it stays in place. Also the fabric is exceptionally soft against the skin, making this slip very comfortable to wear. It is also breathable, so your skin doesn’t get hot and sweaty while exercising or participating in sporting activities.”

Utilizing 3D weave technology, these Knee Compression Sleeves have been designed for both men and women who want to minimize knee strain or support recovery from strains, tears or other joint-related problems. These sleeves can be worn as a preventative measure to avoid potential injury, or to support rehabilitation from an existing injury.  

The Furious Fitwear Knee Compression Sleeve applies gentle pressure to minimize joint strain, muscle stiffness and/or discomfort. Blood flow around the knee joint is also enhanced and this improved circulation may help to accelerate healing following knee injuries. This sleeve may be used during activities such as walking, weightlifting, cycling, practicing yoga, tennis, running, jogging, basketball, netball or taking part in any type of team sports.

More information about the Furious Fitwear Knee Compression Sleeve can be found on the Furious Fitwear Store or their storefront. Delivery is available throughout the nation and all products come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Currently Furious Fitwear is running an exclusive New Year sale, heavily discounting this item while supplies last.

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