What Women Feel About Their Husbands Who Lose Sexual Libido

What Women Feel About Their Husbands Who Lose Sexual Libido

Sexual relationships and the sexual aspect of every marriage are always linked to demand and supply concepts, and the thought of the give and take. But what if one of the couples – the husband – cannot give what the wife needs? There are several women who have expressed their feelings when these things happen.

A wife, a mother, motivational speaker and author of books about sex and relationships has shared her experiences about talking with husbands who fail to give what their wives desire.

“My heart poured out for him. I could feel his pain. Every bit of him wanted to show how much he loved his wife, in every way, at every moment,” book author Sheila Wray Gregoire wrote on the website Happy Wives Club. “But stress and anxiety were causing him to ‘fail’ her in one way and unlike everything else, he couldn’t figure out how to fix it. That happened a couple of weeks ago. I was speaking with a happily married man – who I know loves and adores his wife – and yet stress from work and other challenges were impairing him in an areas he never would have expected.”

According to a report on Live Science, surveys done in the past couple of years showed that some 30 to 40 percent of people reported a decreased interest for sex. Not only does this cause a relationship to wane, but if this happens to men, the women are also affected.

There are some instances when this can even lead to ending relationships and often more serious problems, an article on Time magazine further noted.

“So, what happens in these marriages is that women feel exasperated because they are incredibly lonely. They feel isolated. When someone is more highly sexed, the personal who has less desire really thinks it’s just about having an orgasm. But to the more highly sexed spouse, it is truly about feeling wanted and loved and emotionally connected,” the article on Time magazine stated.

Gregoire noted some of the effective ways on how couples can deal with the problem together, from figuring out the causes, to keep loving each other through the times.

“Remember that marriage does last decades. If you go through a period of a few years of relative sexual drought, it very well may turn completely around a few years later. So do what you can now to support him and encourage him as he’s struggling, so that he knows that no matter what happens, you’re still on his team,” she wrote.

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