A New “Fitness Tips” Forum Offering Practical Advice Is Well Received By Healthy Lifestyle Academy Followers

A New “Fitness Tips” Forum Offering Practical Advice Is Well Received By Healthy Lifestyle Academy Followers

Beaverton, OR – 22nd December, 2016 – For many people it can be difficult to find the right motivation to get fit and stay fit. For some people it’s easy to start a new fitness routine, but impossible to sustain the routine. For others, setting realistic fitness goals and selecting the right type of exercise to reach the desired outcomes is challenging. However, a new online forum launched by the Healthy Lifestyle Academy hopes to change this. Mr. Gardens, spokesman for the organization explains further:

“We have recently established the ‘Fitness Tips’ forum on our Healthy Lifestyles Academy website. This is a great community space where like-minded people can come together to support each other and share their ideas and tips for healthy living and fitness. Not everyone has time to go to the gym or the money to hire a personal trainer; our forum offers an alternative that many people can benefit from.”

In addition to facilitating a space for people to connect and share personal fitness tips and goals, this forum also reviews fitness equipment. “We wanted to also provide information about different types of fitness equipment on the market. There are so many products available and a huge variation in prices; this can be confusing for many people. By reviewing and showcasing high quality, low cost products, we can help people make informed choices and move a step closer to achieving their fitness goals”, stated Mr. Gardens.

One of the items currently being discussed on the forum is the Furious Fitwear Door Gym. This is one of several fitness items expected to be reviewed by the ‘Fitness Tips’ forum over the upcoming months. In addition, the Healthy Lifestyle Academy is supporting several other forums including ‘Grandma Corner’, ‘Feed Your Brain’, ‘Healthy Foods’, ‘Amazing Herbs’, plus others.

Visitors to the Healthy Lifestyle Academy website can view the ‘Fitness Tips’ forum and other information hosted by this healthy living initiative.  However, to get the most out of this online community, visitors are encouraged to subscribe to the forum. Completely free to join, this subscription will enable access to a wide range of resources such as an informative blog, news posts, detailed webinars and podcasts, books and lots more.

To learn more about the “Fitness Tips’ forum or any other resource available from the Healthy Lifestyle Academy people can visit their website. There will be plenty of new information added in 2017, along with lots of special competitions and exclusive offers. More details about these upcoming events will be announced shortly.

About Healthy Lifestyle
Healthy Lifestyle Academy is owned by The Smart Group Inc, a company with a mission of helping customers achieve better health. Specializing in providing people with the most up-to-date information on health and fitness products and advice, the Healthy Lifestyle compilation of resources is available throughout the United States and internationally.

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