Artisan Brew Club Brings Home Brew to Your Door

Artisan Brew Club Brings Home Brew to Your Door

05 November, 2015 - Beer lovers, long tired of the bland taste of macro breweries, have been the driving force behind a surging craft beer movement. As the craft beer movement booms, so does the home brewing hobby. It may be easier today than ever to brew your own batch of homemade beer.

And it’s about to get easier.

A pair of home brew hobbyists, Nate Church and Loc Trinh, are announcing the launch of Artisan Brew Club. The two aim to use a mail-order subscription model to provide the convenience of home brewing supplies delivered right to the door. Visitors to the web site will have the opportunity to select from different recipe kit styles and then receive everything needed to brew beer delivered every two months.

With each shipment, the home brewer will receive grains, malt, yeast, hops, and instructions on how to brew the beer. Of course, home brewing is an experimental process, so there will also be tips peppered throughout for the adventurous home brewer who wants to add their personal touch.

Artisan Brew Club was founded out of a frustration from the lack of good resources available for the would-be home brewer. By providing pre-packaged supplies and understandable instructions, they aim to lower the barrier to entry for beer lovers who are interested in brewing their own beer. The first-time home brewer will also have the option to include a basic starter kit of equipment. The starter kit would provide the tools necessary to make a one-gallon batch of beer.

For the up-and-coming home brewer, Church and Trinh hope that by regularly releasing new recipes, they can empower beer lovers to really experiment and expand in the home brewing space. The two plan to offer seasonally-themed recipes, including crisp flavors for the summers, creamy beers for the winters, and even spices for the holidays.

Those interested in getting beer recipes and supplies by mail can visit to sign up.

Contact Information:
Artisan Brewing Supplies, LLC
P.O. Box 70804
Houston, TX 77270


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