Jane Fielder Consulting: Beyond Learning Healthy Habits for the New Year

Jane Fielder Consulting: Beyond Learning Healthy Habits for the New Year

Jane Fielder offers a weight loss plan for 2015 Adelaide that works, among hypnotherapy services for a variety of concerns. Find out more below.

Obesity is considered a worldwide epidemic, what with the number of people who fall under that category rising every year. People have long known the health risks, and so have tried to lose the extra weight. For those who've tried everything they know but met with little success, Jane Fielder offers an option that works.

Fielder has trained in Advanced Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), among others. Combined with her knowledge in biomedicine and rehabilitation, she's taken a holistic approach in her services of hypnotherapy for weight loss, anxiety, and other concerns.

What are the effects of obesity?

Some entities see obesity as not just a state, but – as hinted at above – a disease or condition, which can cause any number of other conditions as well. Being overweight or obese can actually increase the risk of developing anything from heart disease to bone and joint disease.

While the percentage of adults considered severely overweight hasn't yet reached 50%, it might not be long before it does so; the fact itself is just a small comfort. When you consider the fact that children as young as 6 years old are heavier than they should be, the concern rises.

However, simply adopting healthy habits for the new year Adelaide often isn't enough. It will take time before any results are considerably visible, of course. In that time, motivation may taper off, and then disappear completely. This is one of the reasons why some people seem to gain the weight they lost just months ago.
The services that Fielder offers aren't going to bring overnight results – nor does she make any claims as to that. However, she can help make losing weight, and keeping it off, easier.

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Presented with certain situations or stimuli, the subconscious reacts accordingly. Unfortunately, though the stimulus might be neutral, even positive, the resulting action won't always be beneficial. For instance, when stressed, some people go for a walk; others turn to comfort food like ice cream, chips, perhaps even a meal of steak and potatoes.

“These problems that we have in life were once solutions that our unconscious mind created to protect us or please us,” Fielder shares when asked about the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. Hypnosis taps into the subconscious mind to gradually bring about a change in habits.

Since you aren't relying on willpower to 'remember' to eat healthy, say, it becomes easier to keep doing so.

Fielder offers three options for those wanting to lose weight, including her hypno-coaching sessions with that end goal in mind. The virtual gastric band is another option. It uses hypnosis to carry out a virtual operation to 'attach' the band, and afterwards, the body accepts less food. That's because the stomach now feels smaller.

The third, and more recent addition to her services, is Ultra Lite, a professional health management program that focuses more on nutrition than it does on weight loss. Participants learn how to make better, healthier food choices. Once nutrition is taken care of, the extra weight should begin to drop off, too.

To get started on a weight loss plan for 2015 Adelaide, or else learn about Fielder's other services, interested parties can contact her at (08) 8366 6581, or visit www.janefielderconsulting.com.au.


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