A Free Tool to Avoid Eating Too Much Marijuana

Seattle WA - January 5, 2015 - Maureen Dowd isn't the only person to eat more marijuana than they planned. The key is eating the correct amount. Like the Three Bears said, "Not too much, not too little. Just right!"

The responsibility lies with both those that make medibles and those that eat them. The manufacturer has a responsibility to test the potency of their products and to display the dose clearly on the packaging. Consumers need to know how much they should eat. This comes from learning what a recommended dose is coupled with personal experience.

The Recipe Sliderule is a free open source tool that uses the chemical profile of a batch of cannabis to determine the amount to use when making candy, cookies, and other foods. The amount of THC and CBD determined by lab analysis reflects how much is needed to achieve the desired dose. In other words, the stronger the marijuana, the less you need to use, and the Recipe Sliderule tells you the exact amount.

Written using Microsoft Excel, the Recipe Sliderule [ www.LeBlancCNE.com/recipe-sliderule/ ] tells you how many servings of a given dose you can make or how strong each serving will be if you make X number of servings. Another feature calculates how strong the blending of two different mixtures is. If you have 2 types of cannabis, the Recipe Sliderule will tell you how strong any combination of both will be.

"LeBlanc CNE is concerned about people eating too much (or too little) CBD or THC and not experiencing the results they want. Both medical and recreational users need to pay attention to how much cannabis they consume." says Jerry Whiting, founder of LeBlanc CNE and author of the Recipe Sliderule. "We released this handy tool as open source software under a Creative Commons license to encourage its widespread use. It's free, as in beer." Anyone creating medibles needs to use the Recipe Sliderule to eliminate guesswork and errors. It's the best way to guarantee what's inside matches what's described on the packaging.

The Recipe Sliderule is one of several software tools by LeBlanc CNE written to help eliminate the pain and suffering of all sentient beings. LeBlanc CNE are growers & brokers of medical cannabis and vintage heirloom strains, with an extensive collection of CBD-rich strains including a seed bank and live plants. LeBlanc sponsors a hemp breeding project, does research into the relationship between cannabis chemistry & genetics, and more.
media contact: Jerry Whiting, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. www.LeBlancCNE.com 
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