Safe Quick and Easy Weight Loss Adelaide with Jane Fielder Consulting

Safe Quick and Easy Weight Loss Adelaide with Jane Fielder Consulting

Jane Fielder offers several ways for people to learn how to reverse obesity and achieve the healthy weight they've been wanting. Find out more below.

People who want to lose weight and keep it off, naturally, now have more options for assistance in their endeavours, courtesy of Jane Fielder's Adelaide-based hypnotherapy clinic. Besides her hypno-coaching services for weight loss, Fielder now has two other courses focused on shedding weight.

Fielder's credentials include a graduate's diploma in rehabilitation, and a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy. With these, as well as her training in Timeline Therapy (TLT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), she ensures steady, noticeable progress. This holds true whether she meets people for hypnotherapy for weight loss and any other concern.

Safe Quick and Easy Weight Loss Adelaide

As mentioned earlier, Fielder offers several ways to help people lose the extra weight they've always dreamed of losing. The first is her Hypno-Coaching services, typically consisting of a single session aimed at one's own area of concern. Typically, one session lasts 60 minutes.

While this is no doubt effective, given testimonials from previous clients, if combined with the Virtual Gastric Band or HypnoBand, the service would be more effective.

The Virtual Gastric Band is similar to the gastric band operation that various hospitals offer. The main difference is that the former is implanted through virtual surgery. This means that any risk is practically eliminated, and one doesn't have to worry about further medical treatment. Usually, the 'surgery' takes place on the third session, should one choose this option.

The third, and most recent addition is Ultra Lite, a weight and health management program that puts equal emphasis on weight loss and good nutrition. Those who've participated in the program  reported various health benefits, such as better management of both types of diabetes.

Depending on how much weight needs to be lost, the program can last for 5 weeks, or as much as 10 weeks. It includes a weekly weigh-in as well as hypnotherapy aimed towards providing support and improved willpower.

An important part of this program, as mentioned above, is the inclusion of good nutrition. This includes portion sizes as well as how to stick to one's eating plan even when eating out. Unlike other weight loss programs, there are no meal replacements. Recipe suggestions as well as snack sachets are included in the program, too.

Other Services

Besides helping people learn how to reverse obesity Adelaide, Fielder also offers her hypnosis services to aid people in quitting harmful habits. One such program is her Quit Smoking Breakthrough Program.

Her website states that the usual recommendation for this program is 2 sessions. There is no such thing as an overnight cure for smoking, but it is guaranteed that you will see noticeable changes. In addition to one-on-one consultations, she also offers group sessions that last for 2 hours each. Those interested will need to contact her ahead of time to assure a slot in the next session.

She also offers CDs and the like for people to use in self-hypnosis, outside of scheduled consultation sessions, including her hypnotherapy mobile app. The latter can be downloaded from her website, after scanning the QR code on her home page.

Interested parties may find out more about her other services, or buy a hypnosis product for use whenever they need it by visiting Fielder's website at

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