Jane Fielder's Ultra Lite Program Helps You Maintain Permanent Weight Loss For Life

Jane Fielder's Ultra Lite Program Helps You Maintain Permanent Weight Loss For Life

Learn how Jane Fielder Consulting’s Ultra Lite Weight and Health Management System can enable individuals to maintain permanent weight loss for life. Read more to find out.

With fast-food diets, smoking and unhealthy lifestyle becoming a disturbing trend, it’s no wonder that more and more people are becoming obese, or are suffering from diseases like hypertension, heart disease, liver and kidney failure, arthritis and gout, insomnia, depression and others.

To state, losing weight and maintaining it can be a very tough challenge, especially for those who rely on regular exercise and diet alone. To help those who are truly bent on turning their sad weight-loss fortunes around, noted hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming expert, Jane Fielder, is promoting the Safe Quick and Easy Weight Loss Adelaide system.   

The Ultra Lite Professional Weight and Health Management System is the direct result of years of research and analysis, and was created by those who truly wanted to develop a holistic program which is based on balanced, healthy-eating principles.

It’s A Truly Healthy, And Effective Food Program

The Ultra Lite system is a healthy food program that offers a vigorous mix of carbohydrates, protein, essential fatty acids, whole grains, lean meats, fish and other food items that are unprocessed and contain no artificial preservatives.  

According to Jane Fielder, the Ultra Lite system is a naturally-balanced ketogonic diet system. By adhering to the system, you avoid consuming sugar and excess refined carbohydrates, and you’ll be able to maximize fat loss because your body will burn the stored fat. The resulting fat-burning process also helps provide the body energy through natural ketosis.

It Doesn’t Deprive The Body of The Essential Nutrients

Unlike other conventional weight loss programs that drain the body of muscle mass and vital body fluids, the Ultra Lite Weight and Health Management Program Adelaide does not deprive the person of the essential proteins and nutrients, and will not leave you feeling hungry, or craving for more.    

The Ultra Lite weight loss and health management scheme also empowers the individual to make truly healthy food choices, as well as know what constitutes or composes healthy portion sizes. The system also removes the inaccurate guess-work, and fully assists the individual to effectively lose weight,  detoxify the body, and efficiently maintain weight loss for life.

Like other weight-loss strategies or approaches, the Ultra Lite system is basically a controlled-calorie regimen, and no specialised diet food or meal-replacement shakes are required for people to buy. What’s good is that the program is medically-supervised, and registered clinicians are there to monitor your daily and weekly progress.

Jane Fielder further adds that this unique and truly revolutionary system allows you to eat three balanced meals per day, which means that you’ll be eating real, tasty and wholesome food. You’ll also get all the vitamins, minerals, proteins, amino and essential fatty acids that the body requires to stay fit and healthy for life. The best thing of course is that you’ll safely lose up to ten kilos of excess body fat in just five weeks, and not muscle!

To learn more about the How to Reverse Obesity Adelaide system, call 8366-6581 to easily schedule an appointment or consultation. You can also visit us at www.janefielderconsulting.com.au today.

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