Investing in Gold stocks and ETFs

investing in Gold stocks and ETFs

You can invest in Gold without holding it

Gold investment without holding the stocks

Gold has been a precious substance and its remarkable position has reached over the level of $1300 per ounce in today’s phase. The investors seek to hold this commodity as a wall against inflation. It is not possible to hold large quantities of physical gold and the ownership of gold stocks is a good alternative to possess the commodity-related shares of the companies having a prospect to grow.

History of paper-gold

The earliest phase of credit banking for gold used to work in a way that the goldsmiths used to store gold for the community members. In return, they were given a paper for the receipt of gold which could be redeemed for their gold in the future. This gave birth to the fractional reserve credit system for gold. It is still possible to make an investment in gold in this way but it is only feasible in the cases of private companies. Taking an example of the Royal Canadian Mint offering the ETRs backed with the gold coins and the vaulted gold. ETRs can trade on stock exchanges and tracks the gold price backing it.

Gold is an underlying asset and there are contracts allowing the gold delivery at some point in the coming future. The redemption of gold is feasible at some point in the future. There are contracts associated with the gold deals and it can be customized between the seller and buyer to arrange the terms of contract and nature of terms. However, the future contracts have a different mode of operation. They are traded on the exchanges and the contracts are determined by the exchanges. There are credit risks included in the OTV trading but exchange-traded futures terminates this risk.

The call options are used to gain exposure to gold. It gives a right to the owner to buy gold. A call option is implemented only when the gold pricing is favorable and becomes worthless when it is not. The price of gold is thought of as a deposition for the right to purchase gold at some point in the future for today’s pricing. In case, the real price of the gold rises above that, the owner will get gain but if it doesn’t rise, the buyer will lose the deposit/premium.

Gold Funding

The derivative markets are the best alternative to get exposure to gold. It is indeed the most cost-saving phase for getting the highest leverage for the purchase of metal. On an average, the derivative markets are non-accessible. The investors can gain exposure to the market through gold stocks, mutual funds, ETFs (traded like shares on the stock exchanges). There are many options available to purchase gold without holding it. It is mandatory for the investors to search for the right options available before making the appropriate choice. It will cover the risks and give a positive opportunity to the investors to seek for the gold-related returns.

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