Trees Shown To Be Better Fences For Privacy and Beauty

Charlotte, NC /PRBuzz/ December 8, 2010 -- Trees are excellent substitutes for privacy fences when homeowners are looking to beautify yards, according to a local expert in planting and pruning.

Premiere Tree Services of Charlotte said several tree varieties are available readily in the local area. The company recommends Eastern Red Cedars and Nellie Stevens trees. Both grow thick and wide offering good privacy for back and side yards.

The red cedar is an evergreen growing 40 to 50 feet tall. It spreads about eight to 15 feet when given a sunny location. Red cedars serve as a wonderful windbreak or screen for residential yards.

A Nellie is a pyramid shaped evergreen tree of the broadleaf variety that maintains its pyramidal shape without much pruning. This tree is a fast grower and makes a good choice for yards because of low maintenance. Nellies typically grow about 30 feet and spreads out about 15 feet from their base.

If ornamentation is your priority and you still want privacy, you should choose a tree that flowers," said Ben Hughes of Premiere Tree Services of Charlotte.

Crape Myrtles are often called one of the most beautiful trees in the Carolinas, Hughes said, recommending them with high marks. 

"Crapes can be used in the home landscape and as street trees in communities due to their height," said Hughes. "They also withstands droughts after becoming established, and are relatively free of disease and insect issues."

Using Crape Myrtles will depend on how much privacy you want to achieve. These trees have a narrower trunk and produce brightly colored bunched flowers higher off the ground. Crape Myrtles are also good choices for side yards, Hughes said.

Planting trees for privacy can be tough on the family budget unless you can find good discounts. Wholesalers are a great resource for finding trees on a budget discounted trees.  There are several local nurseries that offer wholesale prices to the public. The best advice is to call nurseries and compare prices.

For more information of quality tree care, visit, Premiere Tree Services of Charlotte, 1800 Camden Rd. Ste. 107-162, Charlotte, NC 28203, or call (704) 303-831.
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