Razor Sharp Damascus Steel Knives, Knivesmasters Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Razor Sharp Damascus Steel Knives, Knivesmasters Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Designed and handcrafted in Germany and the United States, Knivesmasters brings genuine, high-performance Damascus knives to hobbyists and professionals at affordable prices.

OREGON, February 6, 2018 – Bullet Proved successfully launched the Indiegogo for their Knivesmasters knife line on the 6th of February, 2018. The campaign, which is set to run for thirty days, will allow supporters to purchase any of their six professional grade knife lines at a discounted price, and gain lifetime access to their VIP club and associated perks. A special customization which incorporates aluminum-strontium pigmentation in the knife handles is also available for backers, as well as a knife rack made with the same materials, and stainless-steel odor removal soap.

Each of the knives are up to 100% handcrafted using special techniques from Germany and Japan, and have been in development for several months. Using high-quality components such as 1095 and 15N20, with 50 to 100 layers per mm material thickness, each knife falls within a hardness range of 59 to 62 HRC Rockwell.

Helmut Keller, founder of Bullet Proved, said “As a family owned company where both creators hold an intense passion for cooking, we know the value of a good knife, and how important it is to the preparation, and final presentation and taste of dishes. The best knives in the world are made from Damascus steel, and everyone should have the chance to own one without breaking the bank. With this campaign, we make it possible.”

For more information on Knivesmasters, visit www.knivesmasters.com, or the Indiegogo campaign at Live Campaign, where you can make a donation to be one of the first to own one or more of their six knife lines.

Bullet Proved is a US based company that strives to make affordable, lifelong products that maximize on quality and performance while requiring minimal upkeep.

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