Shop Aerator Fountains for Ponds at Fountain Mountain

Shop Aerator Fountains for Ponds at Fountain Mountain

Based out of Santa Maria, CA, Fountain Mountain is the leading provider of superior, yet inexpensive fountains. Their product portfolio features decorative fountains for pond beauty, aerating fountains that balance between pond aeration and beauty as well as the aeration only that exclusively works on pond health. It’s this diversity that makes them the first choice for clients across the region and the surrounding areas. Since their inception in 1999, Fountain Mountain’s philosophy has been to provide real value, and that’s translated in all their undertakings.

Responding to a query about whether or not one should purchase an aerating fountain, decorative fountain or a plain aerator, the Company’s Quality Assurance Officer stated, “This largely depends on your needs. If you’re interested in decoration and are seeking for large and impressive displays, you can settle for decorative fountain because they go wider and higher than aerating fountains. If you are looking to blend a nice V-shaped display and a great deal of aeration, aerating fountains make a great option; they aerate more than decorative, display fountain. But if you don’t care about the display, and are only looking for aeration, you ought to buy an aerator as it makes huge bubbles on the surface.”

Clients can shop aerator fountains for ponds at Fountain Mountain. They are the leading provider of superior Kasco fountains which are known to offer great value. The aerators are energy efficient and come in up to 5hp. The aerator fountain provides more pond aeration compared to decorative pond fountains, while still delivering beautiful display. Fountain Mountain avails a vast range of the aerating fountains to cater to wide-ranging buyer needs. Examples include Kasco 3400HVFX aerating pond fountain, Kasco 4400FX Pond Fountain, Kasco 4400H VFX Pond Fountain, Kasco 8400VFX Aerating Fountain, Kasco 5.1VFX 5HP Aerating Fountain and more.

Responding yet to another query about why they keep upselling Kasco, the Quality Assurance Manager went on to say, “Unlike the manufacturers who sell fountains that only decorate, Kasco strives to find the balance. You’ll be pleased to know that even their decorative fountains still aerate, although not as much as the aerating fountains. We believe that pond owners need a superior, yet inexpensive fountain. Kasco products incorporate reliability, aesthetics, and energy efficiency. The company has a team of several biologists and engineers who work to ensure clients get value for their money.”

Fountain Mountain is the one-stop-online-shop for anyone looking for top fountain for pond. They have display fountains, aeration only fountains and aerating fountains to match diverse clients’ needs. The company specializes in Fountain Tech and Kasco floating pond fountains. They also avail fountain pumps for ponds, large or tabletop fountains, or waterfalls. They sell inline and submersible pumps, asynchronous and synchronous fountain pumps and solar pumps. Pond owners will also find pond lights to enhance the display of their ponds.

About Fountain Mountain

It’s the home for discounted floating fountains and more. Those looking to buy Kasco fountain will find a range of the company’s products at Fountain Mountain.

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