Path of Exile 3.1 Inquisitor Templar Level Guide

Path of Exile 3.1 Inquisitor Templar Level Guide

Do you want to level fast and farm more orbs in Path of Exile 3.1? If your answer is "yes", this guide would be the most useful guide you are looking for. When you choose to be an Inquisitor at the beginning of your PoE journey, you should know that you will need a lot of currency in PoE 3.1, and I am going to tell you how to be a rich guy in this game.

Bandits: Alira (5 mana reg per sec, 20% Crit Multiplier, 15% all resistances)

Leveling with dual Firestorm / Flameblast totems:

Leveling Guide 2.6: 1-70 for Templer & Witch with dual flameblast totems

Level with dual Facebook totems in 3.

In the feedback, I acquired totem levelling isn't for everybody. So for individuals players, I recommend levelling with self-cast firestorm/blade vortex and you may use for instance a decoy totem.

I would suggest a dual firestorm totem build for leveling having a couple of more existence notes.

Level 2: use "magma orb"
Level 6: use "magma orb" & "flame totem"
Level 12: use "firestorm" & "flame totem"

Around level 16: when you are getting ancestral bond link "spell totem" with firestorm (only your totems can deal damage whenever you spec into ancestral bond)

Level 28 (optional): You are able to choose to choose flameblast rather of Firestorm. Both are ideal for leveling from here on.

Also, employ when available

- Temporal chains to slow opponents
- Wholesomeness of elements for resistance
- The clearness of mana reg.
- Herald's for additional damage

Please notice: once you perform the second lab and spec into Inevitable Judgment a gemstone flask will enable your dps to explode!!!

Gradually alter get all skill setups proven within the primary guide once the can be found and also you have some fitting socketed products. Especially try to obtain the movement setup as well as the cwdt for additional survivability.

The link in following order:

1&2) Firestorm   Spell Totem
3) Faster Casting
4) Elevated Duration.
5) Elemental Focus / Fire Transmission support
6) Controlled destruction

You want to use just as much movement speed as you possibly can and employ two Quicksilver flask to constantly sprint from mob group to another and merely cast our two totems.

Don't progress to fast, on occasions when the maps reach hard just move back... level a little and obtain better gear. There are two good farming spots that can be used to grind some levels and equipment while leveling (I normally grind 2-4 levels and on the other hand leveling is a lot simpler):

> Act 5: The Chamber of Innocence
> Act 10: The Desecrated Chambers

Finally, share some Inquisitor Templar builds:

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And do not forget to find more Path of Exile builds on, r/pathofexilebuildlist, PoE Official Forum, R4PG PoE Guide Page, you will be a great player in this game, believe yourself!

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