Everything you need to know about spas in Sydney during pregnancy

Everything you need to know about spas in Sydney during pregnancy

Do you need to go to a pregnancy spa?

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things about life, and perhaps the most important time for any woman during her life. During pregnancy, a woman’s body will go under many and various changes, some of which can be quite extreme.

More often than not, these changes will lead to great discomfort as the body is forced to adjust in order to accommodate the growing baby. One of the most reliable and blissful ways to deal with the different kinds of stress, pains, aches and cramps during pregnancy is to indulge yourself at a pregnancy spa in Sydney for as long as you need.

When can you go to a pregnancy spa?

Understanding when you can go to a pregnancy spa in Sydney can be a difficult process to understand. As a guideline, if you would like to go to a pregnancy spa, it would be best to enjoy yourself during the second trimester of your pregnancy.

During this time, any kind of morning sickness will have faded away and you are likely to be a bit more energetic than before as your body has begun to adapt to the changes. The second trimester also happens to be the safest time to enjoy any kind of spa treatment during the pregnancy.

Different spas will of course have different policies directly when pregnant woman should attend their spa. There will be some spas that won’t allow it until you’re at least 12 weeks pregnant, and there are other spas that will prevent woman from entering if they are more than 32 weeks pregnant. Hence, this is why it is best to go during your second trimester.

Once you have decided that you can and will go to a pregnancy spa to indulge yourself, it is of the utmost importance that you research a spa that has staff that is highly experienced and are genuinely concerned about the safety and care of pregnant women.

What should you avoid whilst you’re at a spa?

Of course not all spas available are exclusive to pregnant woman and cater to all demographics. Should this be the case, there will be a number of things at spas that you will need to be careful of. This is to ensure your health and safety during the treatment.

Ensure that when at a spa that you avoid any treatments that involve heat. Overheating during pregnancy is especially dangerous for not only you, but your baby as well. This could include any kinds of saunas, steam rooms, tanning beds, hot springs and hot tubs.

However, just because you are avoiding any kinds of treatments with heat, this does not mean that you should be afraid to enter warm water. Relaxing inside a good temperature will work on your body and help you to relax during this time.

Ensure that the temperature within whatever treatment you’re using will be no higher than 35 degrees; this will allow your body enough leisure and ensure the healthiness of both of you.

What kinds of options are available at pregnancy spas?

When visiting a pregnancy spa, there will be a whole range of different activities available for the women to enjoy, such as massages and manicures. Pregnancy spas will offer the finest pampering options available, often only using the most safe skincare products possible that are designed for pregnant women.

Experts at pregnancy spas in Sydney will often be able to assist you in dealing with pigmentation during pregnancy and any kind of acne that might be ailing you.

Massages during pregnancy will work wonders on you and ease any kinds of muscle pains and stiffness within the body. However it is once again of critical importance that the spa which offers massages are highly experienced and catering towards pregnant woman. An example could be the best massage in Sydney offered by Fleurdelysmedispa.

Should this not be the case, then we highly advice against any kind of massage as it could be dangerous towards your health.

What will a pregnancy spa package do for you?

The right spa treatment package for you could be perfect to restore yourself and prepare for the pregnancy. These spas will be blissful days to spoil you completely by cleansing the tension and stress that constrains your body.

A full body massage, especially feet and leg will allow you to rewind. Any kinds of organic products during a spa massage will restore the body and relax your skin, making you feel wonderful.

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