Tips to Help Everyone Find the Best Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne

Tips to Help Everyone Find the Best Criminal Lawyer in Melbourne

Finding the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne can be a tough task. It is often the case that this decision comes at a time of stress and unease heading into what could be a difficult situation. Whilst this isn’t always the case, the situation in which any individual has to determine their solicitor isn’t easy.

Finding the right solicitor for criminal law is important to the outcome, and the experience of the client as well, to ensure that they are well informed at all stages and can feel some sort of calm with the person that is handling their case.

There are three overarching factors that should make for the core of the decision; communication, experience and personality. Many characteristics fall under these headings, however the three listed are the most important.

Before imparting on a journey to find the right lawyer, it is a good idea to ask close friends and family if they have anyone that they can recommend. Reputation is often an accurate representation of quality in the law industry and asking trusted individuals for advice is a sure way to set you on the right path in choosing a criminal attorney.


This entails a large range of communicative matters from the clients own personal issues to the law to the current state of the involved case.

Especially in the early stages, it is important that the chosen attorney can sympathise and empathise with the client. This means that they are able to talk to them about the current situation and effectively explain to them the process that lies ahead in an assuring manner.

The best criminal lawyer in Melbourne will be able to understand the situation on both a personal and third party level to enable them to accurately develop the case to meet the needs of the individual and the jury/ judge in receiving a positive outcome.

Importantly, the chosen attorney will have a detailed knowledge of the law and be able to effectively articulate the involved issues of the case. It is critical that the given legal representative relays all the information they have to the client in an easy to understand fashion so that the client is fully informed on the state of the case.

This overflows into the effective communication of the current state of the case as the chosen attorney will need to articulate the progression of the state both from an outcome perspective but also updates on any new evidence and legislation that may have been brought up. 

This guarantees that the client remains happy, but more importantly that they are fully aware of where the case is going and how to best prepare.


Any given attorney’s experience in law can be broad or narrow depending on their number of years in the system and also their chosen speciality. When choosing a legal representative, it is crucial to understand their past experiences and whether they have previously dealt with similar cases.

Whilst identifying a criminal lawyer may not be very challenging, finding the right one with experience in cases similar, or identical, to the clients can be and is an important step in finding the best attorney possible.

Selecting a solicitor with specific experience in the client’s case will significantly increase the chances of a successful outcome. Additionally, it is likely to improve the client’s experience from an all-round perspective as they will be knowledgeable in the emotions of their clients in these situations.

The final step in experience is being up to date with any changes in legislation and the outcomes of recent, similar cases. The law is ever changing and in order to ensure the best chance of success, the chosen solicitor must be up to date with current developments.


Throughout the case, the client is going to be spending a lot of time with the attorney and often discussing some very personal information. For this reason, it is important that the selected solicitor has a compatible personality with the client.

There are clearly some basic personable traits that a solicitor must have – confidence, attention to detail and intelligence – however, if the client and the lawyer do not get along the success of the case will be damaged.

Since all conversations need to be honest, without hiding any details, the best criminal lawyer in Melbourne will make the client feel confident and encourage them to communicate freely.

In order for this to happen, the two must get along well and develop a relationship that extends slightly beyond the standard business relationship. Dealing with personal matters is tough, so choosing a personable solicitor is critical. 

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