Get Wide-Ranging Staircase Designs at Melbourne Stairs

Get Wide-Ranging Staircase Designs at Melbourne Stairs

For the past two decades, Melbourne Stairs has been designing and developing superior quality stairs to meet their diverse client needs. They are sought after for their incredible designs that incorporate modern trends, their highly knowledgeable and friendly customer support team and unbeatable pricing. As a family owned and managed construction business based out of Melbourne, Australia, Melbourne Stairs strives to uphold its hard-earned reputation by always delivering to client’s expectation, or even surpassing it, to ensure 100% satisfaction. It’s their commitment to quality that sees them enjoy a high percentage of repAeat customers, along with an overwhelming number of referrals.

Outlining their history, the Company’s Director stated, “The Cameron family has been in the building industry for over four decades. Rod Cameron and Lucille, his wife, started the company after establishing the market need for qualified, reliable, and affordable stairs builders in the region. From the humble beginning, our company has continued to scale and expand. In 2000, we embraced technology, introducing an automated manufacturing tool that saw the cut down of handrail and staircase pricing for the Victorian market. Four years later, we opened doors to delivering our staircase to different states, and in 2006, we became amongst the leading staircase suppliers for the Commonwealth Games village in Melbourne.”

Melbourne Stairs are the premium construction stairs expert in the region. They’ve been doing this for years, and have an incredible understanding of the market demands. Owing to their consistency in quality and customer service, they have grown to a top premium stairs manufacturer in Australia. The company boasts of their latest factory and showroom in Eltham. And although they’ve scaled over the years, they remain a family-owned and managed company.

On why Handrails are essential, their Head Designer stated, “Bars are mostly required for safety and comfort while going up or down any stairway; with the support from the handrail, you can comfortably climb upstairs. Handrails play a significant role in preventing accidents; should you lose your balance, you can always hold on for stability. Better yet, if you have a disabled member of the family (either visually impaired or has balance issues), they can also benefit from the handrails; regarding support, and safety when going up or down. Last but not least, if beautifully designed, they go a long way in enhancing the home's aesthetics.

Property owners trying to find staircase hand rails designs will find a variety of Melbourne Stairs. They have a gallery of their selection that offers inspiration. Their product range features handrails crafted from timber, wrought iron, stainless steel, feature wrought iron, glass balustrades, and unique balusters. And because they are flexible, those looking for something different can always talk to them to work out what suits their preferences.

About Melbourne Stairs

Melbourne Stairs is a family-owned and managed stairs and handrails manufacturing company that’s based out of Melbourne, Australia. They are sought after for their elegant staircase designs that are sure to please even the strictest of clients.

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