PIPE LLC Releases an Innovative Hamburger Press

Pipe LLC, known for delivering the highest quality in premium kitchen appliances which boast fantastic form as well as functions, has launched a brand new collection of Hamburger Press with 10 Burger Papers. They come with even more innovative features.

This innovative Hamburger Press from Pipe LLC can consistently form perfect quarter pound patties of uniform size and shape to cook or freeze quickly. This means you can effortlessly get your burger into shape without breaking a sweat.

This piece of equipment is not designed for hamburger alone; it is also excellent for breakfast sausage, poultry, fish, lentils, and legumes. Having a piece of multi-purpose equipment in your kitchen is one way to declutter your kitchen and minimize space. And this Hamburger Press gives you that advantage without different equipment for making your sausage or legumes.

There are perfect grill marks on each side of the Hamburger Press. It is specially designed to aid in heat distillation and to ensure that you enjoy juicy and delicious burgers whenever you want.

The Hamburger Press is made of heavy duty aluminum, a non-stick coating feature that makes for an easy cleaning. You can easily wipe the equipment after use and keep clean for future use as well. The aluminum feature makes it entirely rust-proof and gives it a long lasting life span or as long as you want. You can also quickly and conveniently clean it with a dishwasher without any problem. And to prove how durable this piece of kitchen equipment is, the manufacturer is placing a Lifetime Warranty on it just to give you a full assurance on the equipment and make you a peace of mind.

For those who want a unique, perfect, and durable multipurpose Hamburger Press in their kitchen, Pipe LLC is out with the best solution ever. Restaurants recommend Pipe LLC Hamburger Press. Get yours and grill the delicious hamburger to your taste.



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