Save 44% On NimNik’s Bypass Pruning Shear Now on Amazon

Save 44% On NimNik’s Bypass Pruning Shear Now on Amazon Save 44% On NimNik’s Bypass Pruning Shear Now on Amazon Save 44% On NimNik’s Bypass Pruning Shear Now on Amazon

NimNik Enterprise sells pruning shears of different kinds in their online store and the Amazon. At this time, buyers can save over 44% over the company’s bypass pruning shear’s original price. This pruning shear is a professional trimmer used by many gardeners. 

The company of a husband and wife who caters baby care items, home, and kitchen essentials online now gives a large discount on their product listings under gardening tools. Their bypass pruner can be purchase for only $13.97 together with free shipping on orders that will reach up to $25 and for those who are members of the Amazon Prime. There are other promo offers under this item ranging from a 5% off up to 20% discount if buyers purchases 2 to 5 sets of this bypass pruning shear.  

A reviewer said in his comments that this bypass pruner has slim and easy to grasp the handle. The customer feels comfortable holding it while doing the trimming. Additionally, the reviewer liked the handle design of the secateurs. He included that the pruner’s blades are sharp and it can cut with lesser effort exerted. The customer recommends the pruner to be used for cutting or trimming twigs and small branches of plants.  Another client noticed that the trimmer has a clip closure that makes the blades locked while not in use. Both of these reviewers have given the item a 5 stars rating. 

NimNik Enterprise alongside its vision pursues quality and efficiency towards their products displayed in their storefronts. According to their representative, they value each client thus they have built a good customer and seller relationship through a satisfactory customer service. They are visible and can entertain inquiries directly at their storefronts and social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They have all their product displayed in their web store. 

About NimNik Enterprise:    

CEO/Sales Manager - Katie Green  
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