Contact GreenLeaf Pest Control for All of Your Pest Control Needs in Toronto

Contact GreenLeaf Pest Control for All of Your Pest Control Needs in Toronto

GreenLeaf Pest Control is committed to surpassing customers’ expectations when it comes to environmentally friendly pest control services throughout the GTA. Above any other goals, their number one aim is to ensure complete customer satisfaction. If clients are ever unhappy with any of the services provided to them by GreenLeaf Pest Control, they will return to your home or business at no cost to redo the job until they make it right. GreenLeaf Pest Control is committed to changing the way people think about pest control and educating them so that real change can occur in the way they treat the environment. Their goal is to ensure that customers get the most proactive, preventative, and efficient pest control program available by implementing their Integrated Pest Management and Environmental Pest Management systems.

Explaining how to control bed bugs in Toronto, The Managing Director said, “You suspect that you might have a bed bug problem, but are not quite sure; it is important to get an accurate determination before you go to the effort and expense involved in bed bug extermination in Toronto or any of the surrounding areas such as Vaughan, Barrie, or Mississauga. GreenLeaf Pest Control can provide you with canine bed bug detection with dogs that have been trained in a NESDCA certified facility to ensure that they only detect bed bugs that are alive and eggs that are viable. It is of no help to you to have a dog that detects bed bug eggs that have been lying dead and dormant in a mattress for years.”

Because The Bed Bug Tracker dogs have been trained by a facility that is NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association), clients have the assurance that the method of detection being used to determine whether or not they have a bed bug infestation has been scientifically verified. Their dogs’ training has been independently tested and is internationally recognized, ensuring that customers are getting the most accurate detection possible of bed bugs that are not always visible by day.

Speaking about brown dog tick control, the Managing Director said, “Brown Dog Tick, scientifically named as Rhipicephalus sanguineous, is a reddish-brown colored tick. They are mostly found in shady nooks and corners of your house or stuck on your pet dog’s body, where it’s all warm and protected. Brown Dog Ticks survive by hosting on other mammals, and the most preferred one is a canine. Thus, animals pen and dog kennel are the two other places where these ticks live, feed, and multiply.”

In such a situation, GreenLeaf Pest Control comes to your rescue to get rid of these unwanted ticks as they are the potential vectors of Rocky Mountain spotted fever in humans, and may cause Canine Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis in dogs. Also, an adult tick may survive for 6-18 months without feeding.

About GreenLeaf Pest Control
They offer complete pest control and removal service using various environmental-friendly products. GreenLeaf Pest Control’s expert professionals first inspect the infected area and then apply every method required- steam, diatomaceous earth, vacuuming, physical barriers- to control the growing infection.

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