EZ Wands Provide Adaptable Remote Control Functionality for Existing Blinds

EZ Wands Provide Adaptable Remote Control Functionality for Existing Blinds

EZ Wands is a business that specializes in providing remote control features to already existing screens. The product allows the consumer to control their blinds via remote control by just exchanging the existing wand or rod with one provided by the company. EZ wands present a simple solution for those who would like to add this additional functionality without straining their budget in the process. A customer does not have to make wholesome changes to their blinds and can enjoy the luxury of remote control capabilities in the few minutes it takes to install the wand provided to their shutters.

Talking about the financial benefits of the product, the CEO stated, "We have provided the most cost effective alternative to clients who may be looking to add this mechanical feature to their windows. Our wands are simple to install and can be achieved by following the easy instructions that come with the item. It is cheaper than buying new blinds with automatic features, as only one component needs to be replaced to achieve this capacity on existing shutters. Our product also negates the need for professional assistance which would involve further expenses for the labor incurred."

Buyers who want to shop for cheap motorized blinds can enjoy the numerous benefits offered by this exciting product. The change from hand-operated to automatic control can be achieved by just sticking the adaptor provided onto the EZ wand once it has been attached. Fastening the adaptor onto the rod involves a simple peel and stick process that does not require any special skills. The rod functions using six AAA batteries that can be found in any convenience store, with the latest version capable of functioning using solar energy or a power adaptor as well.

Discussing the features of the product, the Head of Design said, "EZ wand comes with a collection of attractive properties that serve as an advantage to our clients. The portability of the device makes it easy to move from one window to another should a person want to change the shutters they want to control. Our wand also looks like the original rod replaced thus it does not affect the aesthetic value of a window. Replacing the batteries requires no additional skills making us the ideal option for those looking to buy automatic blind opener."

The item can be expanded to control up to eight shutters with one remote, making it one of the best remote control window blinds in the market. It can be fitted with a variety of differently sized shades giving it a flexible nature concerning suitability. This product is excellent for both home and office environments with a need for motorized shutters. The product comes in three different packages consisting of one, two and three EZ wands respectively. Customers can also buy a sole standard EZ wand should they wish to add to the number of blinds they can control.

About EZ Wand

EZ Wand is a company that specializes in providing motorized kits for existing window blinds. The product allows its buyers to transform manually controlled shutters to remote controlled ones with a few simple changes.

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