Woodcookstove.com Sells European Wood Cook Stoves

Woodcookstove.com Sells European Wood Cook Stoves

Woodcookstove.com is an American importer European wood cook stoves that have an elegant design, are reliable to prepare food and heat your home, and are priced reasonably. Woodcookstove.com imports all their products straight from manufacturers and stocks every model for rapid shipping. As an approved dealer of any brand they carry, they offer manufacturer warranty, documentation, parts, and after-sales support. Guarantees they give with their wood cook stoves is that they are EPA certified and will stand the test of time.

Speaking at a marketing event, the Executive Director said, “‘America’ is the biggest, most powerful, and most expensive cook stove by La Nordica. The stove has a gigantic firebox and an enormous baking oven. This means great heating capacity and very spacious baking. Like ‘Suprema’ and ‘Mamy,' ‘America’ is manufactured from cast iron with attractive coating color polishes either in cream or anthracite black. ‘America’ is La Nordica's only cook stove that has three ringed burners, all other stoves have either one or two burners, though in practice the complete cook top of every stove is cast iron and is utilized for cooking. ‘America’ has two detached drawers at the bottom. One is used for wood and the other for pans and pots.”

Woodcookstove.com offers camping kettles by the Ghillie Kettle Company of UK. These wood burning camping kettles still handmade in England in the age old traditional way and are trusted companions of numerous adventurers across the globe. The Ghillie Kettle is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, bush craft or fishing. The kettle can also be used in harsh conditions, even when windy or wet. It is quick, sturdy and simple to use as it only requires dry leaves, twigs or fir cones to heat up food or drinks.

Speaking at the same marketing event, the Sales Manager said, “Those looking to buy cast iron wood stoves ought to get ‘Suprema Tortora’ by La Nordica. We store this product, and it is a cast iron wood stove bigger than Mamy simply because of its bigger baking oven, the firebox size is similar. This means it's same to Mamy regarding heating power but offers additional room for baking and cooking. This cast iron wood stove features cast iron top with removable rings, effortless tight locking doors, trim protection around the cook top, panoramic high-temperature glass door, and a warming drawer and a choice of two colors: silver and cream. As Woodcookstove.com, we assure you that this cast iron wood cook stove uses clean wood burning technology as it has multiple air channels into the firebox and like ‘Mamy’ and ‘America’ ‘Suprema Tortora’ is a contemporary design style to old-style cast iron cook stove design.”

Woodcookstove.com usually has all models of wood cook stoves in stock and ships them within one to two days from order receipt. Shipment intervals vary from one to six days in most circumstances, and seven to eight days to OR, WA, WY, MT, and other remote areas. If they do not have a model in stock, they normally leave a message on their website with anticipated delivery time and will not process payment for their clients’ orders till the model is back in stock.

About Woodcookstove.com

It is a company that sells wood cook stoves. As they do not have a physical store, customers can order cooking stove or stoves online via their website.

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