Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Popular To Buy Wine From Australia In China

Top 3 Reasons Why It’s Popular To Buy Wine From Australia In China

China is fast becoming the biggest consumer market for Australian wine. With Chinese and French brands also part of the competitive landscape, the question remains, why do the Chinese prefer to buy wine from Australia in China?

The wine consumption among China’s middle class has become almost common practice in the 5 years, with no indications of slowing down.

Here are the top 3 reasons why the Chinese are buying wine from Australia in China.

Australia has a large Chinese tourism industry

The Australians and the Chinese have long had a connection through the tourism industry. With more Chinese coming to Australia every year, whether it be to visit, study or live, the more they are becoming familiar and acquainted with Australian culture, and this includes its wine. 

2017 Statistics by Tourism Australia show that the Chinese are the top overseas visitors in Australia. Approximately 1,500,000 people from China came to Australia in 2016. The Chinese spent $10 billion while they were in Australia. Out of this total, food and wine was a major contributing spending factor.

Australian wineries are now seeing thousands of Chinese tourists visit every year, as well as an increase in tour guides that can now speak both English and Chinese. This shows just how popular Australian wine is to the Chinese.

Australia is renowned worldwide for its wine

Australia has long been famous for its wine. From its red to its white, regions including the Barossa Valley, Yarra Valley and Margaret River are just some of the well known places of Australia’s most popular wine.

With the Chinese being one of Australia’s biggest tourism groups, it shouldn’t surprise you that a lot of Chinese also visit these popular winery tourist locations. It can be seen that with this exposure to Australia’s winery landmarks comes with it the knowledge, appreciation and admiration of Australian wine that they then take back to China.

China’s middle class are the new face of wine drinkers

The more affluent a sector of society is, the more they take on the activities that go along with this. China’s young, middle-class are seeing Australian wine as part of this new affluent wave.

Traditionally, beers and local sprits were the drink of choice. However, as the love for Australian wine grows, the Chinese middle class are leading the way and now contributing to the growth of Australian wine consumption in China.

According to the Australian Trade and Investment Commission website, Australian wine is very popular amongst this group due to its varied pricing, quality and well received marketing and branding. Also, there is a reduction of tariffs on Australian wine that is making it more attractive.

It can be seen that this middle class are the main purchaser for even higher priced Australian wines. This is because of the powerful and sophisticated branding that can come along with it, which highlight the longevity and credibility of the brand.

In particular, the Chinese female demographic seems to also be riding the Australian wine trend, with an interest for whites, sparkling, as well as the desert wines becoming increasingly popular.

There are different tastes and preferences from region to region, with the North preferring a more full bodied wine, whilst the souths prefer a lighter wine. This is mainly due to the different cuisines seen in each of these regions. Australian wines are varied and can cater for these different palates.

Health benefits are another reason why wine is seen to be a drink of choice, particularly red wine. Red wine is known for its antioxidants, making it even more appealing to the Chinese market.

Overall, the popularity of Australian wine in China is growing by the year. With the Chinese tourism industry in Australia booming now more than ever, visitors are getting a growing appreciation for Australian wines, as well as the overall food and culture. With winery tours being a well known and popular activity within Australia’s tourism industry, the love for the wine will continue to grow.

One of the Australia’s well known marks within the international stage for food and wine culture, is the quality of their wine. The Chinese understand that this popularity is due to its varied price points, as well as quality stability.

With the Chinese middle class becoming the leaders in the consumption of Australian wine, it is starting to take over the more common drinks, such as beer, to become the nation’s drink of choice. Read more at:

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