Kitchen Supreme to Suggest a Tasty Recipe With Wine! Their new Wine Opener is a Must-have device!

Kitchen Supreme to Suggest a Tasty Recipe With Wine! Their new Wine Opener is a Must-have device!

17th of May, New York - The Staff at Kitchen Supreme, a small family-owned business based in New York and that has been distributing and producing their products via Amazon since 2013, has decided to share with their readers and loyal customers a brand new recipe in order to celebrate the launch of their brand new product, the rabbit wine bottle opener.

Warm weather is fast approaching and as such, a drink that could be refreshing and offer a small buzz would be a great option on a hot, summer day. The Passionfruit and Pineapple Spritzers are a great option for someone looking forward to consuming a new fruity cocktail with a kick.

In order to create this drink, it is essential to have around some mint leaves, a few lime wedges, one cup of pineapple juice and the juice of 2 passionfruit along with some crushed ice and club soda and a few drops of wine for that needed extra flavor. The first step is to take the wine opener foil cutter and use the aerator included inside in order to let the wine develop a soft, mellow flavor. The bottle of wine can be placed on the wine stand that comes inside the wine opener set.

The other ingredients then will be added to a vessel of choice and stirred together and then served as such. At the end, on top of everything a few leaves of mint should bring the cocktail to life and add the necessary flavor for it to be refreshing. Once done, since the bottle of wine is still quite full, the wine opener rabbit from Kitchen Supreme contains a special plug with a rubber rimmed finish which ensures that the wine keeps its flavor for longer.

About the Product

The Wine Opener that Kitchen Supreme is currently distributing is an attempt to dive into a new section of the kitchen utensils market. Sold on Amazon, this set includes 6 items which are meant to make opening a bottle of wine child’s play while not compromising on the quality at all.

Packed in a deluxe box, the items are held together in a layer of protective sponge which stabilizes the items during transit.

The two booklets attached inside the box offer additional instructions on how the devices should be used and how to make the best out of the experience.

About the Company

Kitchen Supreme was founded in 2013 in the USA as a small family business determined to include themselves into the ecommerce market of kitchen gadgets and devices.

Their main reason was the lack of quality products on the market and Frank Williams, the founder of the business is not a man to be easily satisfied with mediocrity.

His aim is to only use high quality materials from trusty sources and always provide his customers with only the best!

For further information, please visit  or use the contact details listed below:

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