Yale Professor Gives the Green Light! Drinking Wine Improves the Brain Functions!

Yale Professor Gives the Green Light! Drinking Wine Improves the Brain Functions!

16th of May, New York - At the beginning of this year, Doctor Gordon Shepard who carries out his scientific work at Yale School of Medicine has conducted a study on how the brain’s functions are improved when wine is consumed. According to the study, sniffing and discerning the flavor of a glass of wine before consumption requires a certain control over the tongue’s muscles and even the receptors responsible for taste and odor.

Kitchen Supreme, a small family company launched in 2013 believes that a healthy brain should reside in a healthy body and as such, has launched their brand new product, the rabbit wine opener.

The study suggests that the taste is created by the brain itself during the tasting process, which makes drinking wine a subjective experience altogether. In order to improve the flavor of a wine, it is recommended to let it air before consuming it, and as such, the Kitchen Supreme wine opener set includes a crafty wine aerator which will make a very easy task to accomplish.

Doctor Shepard’s advice is to not consume too much wine in order to stimulate the brain functions and that one glass will usually suffice for it to happen. As such, finding an appropriate bottle plug to keep the flavor of the bottle intact may be a hassle since the cork plug is not usually completely airtight. The Kitchen Supreme wine bottle opener set contains an extra plug which will make the task much easier as it will keep the wine in mint condition, without the fear of it changing its flavor over time.

Frank Williams, the owner of Kitchen Supreme was not impressed with the option of products found on the market and has decided to create one of the best wine bottle opener to offer to his loyal customers, a decision which was followed by a great amount of positive feedback.

About the Product

Being a newly launched product on the market, the Rabbit Bottle Opener by Kitchen Supreme promises great quality in exchange for providing an experience!

Made of high-quality materials, this device will make opening a bottle of wine child’s play! The box it comes delivered in contains all the seven items necessary for the process of using this particular wine opener from the foil cutter to the actual stand on which the bottle can be placed. And if this is the first time using this device, a set of instructions are offered in a booklet inserted in the box, along with “The Wine Bible”, an ideal booklet to read for when looking for a great bottle of wine!

About the Company

Kitchen Supreme is a small family business from New York that was founded in 2013 and it has been selling their products on the ecommerce market of Amazon, boosting sales with each new release.

Frank Williams, the owner, mentioned that his success is a combination of the passion he invests in his business and the support he offers to his customers.

For further information, please visit http://www.kitchen-supreme.com/  or use the contact details listed below:

Contact name: Frank Williams

E-mail address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: http://www.kitchen-supreme.com/

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