Kitchen Supreme Launched the Rabbit Bottle Opener!

Kitchen Supreme Launched the Rabbit Bottle Opener!

16th of May, New York - After continuous research on the market, the people behind this project came to the conclusion that they were not satisfied with the quality of the products already available on the market, and moreover, they could not fathom the concept of hard to use, impractical devices to open their precious bottles of wine. They had to come up with a bright idea and fast as their patience was limited! Out of this struggle, this wine opener became reality and it was quickly distributed online.

Kitchen Supreme, a small family business based in the USA has launched the rabbit wine bottle opener in order to complete their collection of handy, crafty kitchen utensils that must find themselves in the possession of anyone passionate about quality, fine wines.

The wine opener set is a great idea for any wine-connoisseurs as it comes wrapped in a deluxe, sleek, black box and it contains all the items needed to open a wine of bottle, from removing the foil to placing it to rest on a stand.

Frank Williams, the owner of Kitchen Supreme understands that a high quality wine should only be served with the appropriate rabbit wine opener and has decided that sharing his knowledge with his loyal customers would be the right thing to do.


About the Product

The deluxe box which contains the Rabbit Bottle Opener included everything needed to open, serve and plug back in a bottle of wine in order to ensure a smooth process and maintain the quality of the beverage.

Each package should include precisely 7 items: The rabbit bottle opener, a drip ring, a wine aerator, a bottle plug, a foil cutter embedded in a stand and an extra spiral that can be used when switching from a red wine to a white one, to avoid mixing the flavors.

And because the people who distribute this product understand that not everybody will give this as a gift and some people are not experienced in the art of choosing a great wine depending on their taste, inside the package there is a booklet entitled “The Wine Bible” which ensures a clear understanding of some of the existing types of wines available for purchase. Next to “The Wine Bible” there is also a small instructions booklet with all the detailed instructions needed in order to start using the product straight away, with little to no effort!

About the Company

The people at Kitchen Supreme have a strong background in producing and distributing their high quality kitchen gadgets and utensils via the ecommerce platform Amazon.  The small family business was created at the beginning of 2013 and they have met a quick ascension since the launch of their first products.

Frank Williams, the owner of Kitchen Supreme is a man who understands that providing high quality products for his customers is essential as it will help his business thrive in the long run.


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