DakPets Announces Sale Ending Soon for Popular Dog and Cat Brush

DakPets Announces Sale Ending Soon for Popular Dog and Cat Brush DakPets Announces Sale Ending Soon for Popular Dog and Cat Brush

DakPets 40% off sale for their best selling Dog and Cat Brush is ending soon on Amazon.com

Popular Pet Supply Store DakPets has over 12,000 positive customer reviews of their pet grooming products, one of which they recently put on sale as a “Thank You” to customers who have remained loyal to their brand.

DakPets is a well-regarded pet supply company, that has spent years developing products that promote wellness for pets- mainly dogs, cats, horses and other furry animals.

The company’s signature product is the DakPets Deshedding tool, a grooming tool that can reduce shedding by up to 95% on dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes.
From small sized pets like Chihuahuas and kittens, to large size pets like Akitas and Maine Coons, this deshedding tool has had incredible results, according to the large number of customer reviews on Amazon

The company wants to remind their customers about the sale and that it is ending soon so that they can take advantage of the large discount.

“We wanted to get the word out while the sale is still on,” says DakPets spokesperson Rob Scriven. “We’re telling everyone that the sale is ending soon and giving out the coupon code so that they can get the huge discount on their order.”

Summer is when dogs and cats shed through their winter coats, which is why the DakPets Dog and Cat Brush was the perfect choice for discount.

The DakPets Dog and Cat Brush is their top seller with over 12,000 positive reviews by customers and makes a perfect item to stock up on while the price is low.

The popular pet grooming tool can be used on both dogs and cats with hair length anywhere from small, medium to long. The limited time sale ends on very soon and can be taken advantage of with coupon code 2NELL49N

DakPets reminds customers with Amazon prime that they also can utilize free shipping.

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