Less Than Three Months Left Until the Firefly Music Festival! The Lazy Monk Suggests Setting up Their Brand New Hammock in the “Nook”.

Less Than Three Months Left Until the Firefly Music Festival! The Lazy Monk Suggests Setting up Their Brand New Hammock in the “Nook”.

5th of May, New York - During June, when temperatures reach almost 86F the Firefly Festival spreads its wings and lands in Delaware. The people responsible for this festival have named it the Coachella of Delaware and for a good reason! Over 140 bands are lined up to play on stage during this festival and promise a show hard to forget.

Mostly people opt for camping in a tent during these festivals, with half the profit for the festival coming from paying for the spot to place the tent. The Lazy Monk provided their cost-friendly and comfortable option for this. As such, the Double Camping Hammock was produced to satisfy both needs.

During the festival, people are encouraged to bring their own travel hammock and hang them in the Nook, which used to be called the Hammock Hangout for obvious reasons.

Over here, the festival-goers can simply and quickly set up their hammocks and relax in the shades of the Woodland trees while not worrying about eventual effects on the tree trunk. The specially designed hammock straps are not only easy to set up as much as it lightweight and sturdy enough without putting additional pressure on the tree trunk or damaging it in any shape or form!

About the product

The Double Camping Hammock includes all the elements needed to set it up as well as a practical booklet that will include the technical instructions explained in great detail!

Passionate about camping themselves, the Lazy Monk team also created a list of fun games to play while camping and a collection of horror stories to be told around the campfire! And because having a direction is always a good idea, in the booklet they also included a list of great camping spots in the USA, ready to be discovered by the nature aficionados!

The weather might not always be on everyone’s side, therefore, as an added bonus, they included a multifunctional bandana, meant to come in handy as it is made of breathable, highly absorbent polyester! It can be used in a variety of ways, leaving room for constant improvisation.

About the company

The Lazy Monk was created by Charles White in 2017, and from his passion for camping came his drive to create this small family business that mainly deals with producing and distributing quality camping products to their customers!

Recently, he stated that: “It is my aim as an outdoor enthusiast to bring the products we create with great love to the public. We want our customers to feel how much we care about their outdoor experience and to also appreciate the careful attention we pay to not harming the nature with our camping products. By respecting the nature, we believe that we respect ourselves.”

In the near future, they plan on developing and distributing gradually more products as they acquire a strong customer base and they develop into a strong brand name in the outdoor and sports industry!

For further details regarding the company or products, feel free to visit https://lazy-monk.myshopify.com/ or use the contact info listed below:

Name: Charles White
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: https://lazy-monk.myshopify.com/

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