UNITED STATES - April 26, 2016

All across the country families will soon be celebrating Mother’s Day. Mothers, grandmothers and children will share time together and perhaps enjoy a meal or express their appreciation in a variety of ways. For most, Mother’s Day is a feel-good holiday where mom is the center of attention.

However, for the households where kids hold their games and toys as sacred above all other things, having a malfunction or dead battery can be the end of the world. Happy, carefree children can suddenly become cranky and mean-spirited. Now is that anyway to celebrate a mom who has been there acting as a super-hero through thick and thin?

A spokesperson from Toolplicity explained, “It’s that time of year when you need to plan for and consider acquiring a tool that will make the life of a mother saner and more organized all year round. A broken skateboard, a tricycle with a loose wheel, a dead battery in a child’s favorite toy can spell disaster!”  

Mothers, married or single, run into these situations everyday and can be quite unprepared to handle these unexpected occurrences and end up having to rely on their husband, friends or neighbors to help make the peace by putting the toys right again.

Many women have already taken the first brave step of demonstrating incredible courage by acquiring a multitool that allows them to take matters into their own hands. The freeing feeling of owning a simple multitool with all the tools needed for fixing the important things in a child’s life is like no other. Something as simple as a screwdriver, knife, saw or bottle opener can save the day.

The spokes person continued, “We launched a 13-in-1 Toolplicity Multitool with Knife, Pliers, Saw, Wire Cutters, Bottle and Can Opener, Screwdriver Set, Large Knife and Bradawl for boring holes. The sturdy stainless steel structure promises to stand up to all of a mom’s very important ‘life saving’ tasks. It’s a great accessory for women to carry in their purse or keeping handy in the kitchen drawer for everyday emergencies.”

Here are several remarks made by a moms on Amazon who purchased one of these lifesaving tools:

“I love this multitool!! I am a stay at home nanny and there are usually no tools around while my hubby is at work. I constantly run into things I could fix if I just had a screwdriver, a phillips, or pliers.”

“Used it for boxes, cutting tape, and tightening sons skateboard bolt already.“

“Comes in handy for opening boxes and cutting toys out of packages.”

“I have already opened several boxes with the knife and fixed my son's toys with the pliers and screwdriver heads.”

“I’m always having to fix one of our children's toys or bikes. It is so handy to have this tool to use anytime.”

So, how about this for a Mother’s Day gift? Buy mom her very own multitool. This is the gift that keeps on giving…sanity and a smooth running household.

Toolplicity manufactures and distributes the Toolplicity 7” 13-in-1 Stainless Steel Multitool with Sheath.  

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