Bensie Boy Doggie Poop Bags Save Users Time and Money, While Saving Lives

Bensie Boy Doggie Poop Bags Save Users Time and Money, While Saving Lives

Clyde, NC - November 19, 2014 - Bensie Boy Doggie Poop Bags released on Amazon are said to afford dog owners with a reasonably priced quality poop bag that proves to be a worthwhile investment. On average, a dog is said to poop 3-4 times per day. Bensie Boy’s bulk doggie poop bags are said to provide dog owners with quality bags that can last up to about 6 months.

Dog owners know the importance of doggie poop bags especially when they take them for long walk.  Bensie Boy has made a move to allow dog owners to get the highest quality for their money.

Bensie Boy includes 36 rolls of doggie poop bags with 20 bags per roll. The bulk bags separated in rolls is said to allow dog owners to grab and go, whether it be while heading or a walk, a drive out or heading to the vet. The perforated edges allow users to easily fetch a doggie poop bag when needed. This also eliminates the risk of tearing the bag before using it.

The dark plastic bags at 32cmx22cm long helps to prevent the hands from getting messy while poop scooping. The bags are acclaimed as heavy duty poop bags since they were built to carry up to 20lbs of dog poop. This makes the bags a preferred choice for both small and large dogs.

Bensie Boy offers a bonus dispenser with the purchase of these doggie poop bags. The green T-bone shaped dispenser allows easy dispensation of poop bags when needed. The lightweight dispenser that comes with a hook makes for easy carriage.
Along with providing users with premium doggie poop bags to save on time and money, Bensie Boy ensures that a percentage of their sales on doggie poop bags goes to animal rescue shelters every month. Persons are encouraged to participate in selecting a different shelter every month to benefit from these donations by visiting the company’s website and making their suggestions.

Bensie Boy is offering all new customers $2 OFF their first order of Doggie Poop Bags on with coupon code: T82D3CHA - visit the link below to redeem.

About Bensie Boy

Here at Bensie Boy, we are all about making products to help you with your furry friend, while extending a helping hand to those non-profits that are out to save as many sheltered animals as they possibly can.

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