Cos Cob Appliance Repair Presents Crucial Question: To Repair or Not to Repair

Cos Cob Appliance Repair Presents Crucial Question: To Repair or Not to Repair

Cos Cob, CT – A Cost Cob appliance repair service discusses one of the most important questions regarding appliances: to repair or not. Most homeowners basically ignore the need for repair due to many reasons; money, performance and finding the right service provider.

“The answer whether to have an appliance repaired or not can be solved by determining its age, usage, brand and price range,” shares The Appliance Doctor (, an appliance service near Cos Cob. “As a golden rule, every appliance that is working for more than a decade must be repaired.” The reason for this: some appliances are designed to last for more than five years, which is their best stage. In the next few years, their performance will be declining and homeowners will have to ask for an expert technician to repair and maintain these vital household utilities.

The local appliance repair service also disclosed important facts about an appliance’s life span. Bulky appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, dryers and refrigerators are designed to last for 7-10 years. For those who have a family and make use of these appliances heavily, a life span of 5-7 is the normal period for these appliances.

With good upkeep, some appliances can last for more than 20 years. “There are many factors which can be attributed to this,” says The Appliance Doctor ( “One is the quality. A high-end appliance, compared to a regular one, can perform and outlast the latter.” Another is the usage. When it comes to the refrigerator, frequent opening and closing of the doors can limit its lifespan. “It is best that users are aware how to maximize their appliances to prolong its use.”

The key to answering whether or not one should have their appliance repaired is to know which is costlier. A new appliance may even cost one savings rather than repairing an old device. One example is a washing machine repair. A brand new motor that makes use of old parts may not perform as well as one would want. Logically, if one of the parts breaks down, there is a good possibility that the other parts are also worn out.

Some manufacturers hold a sale when new appliances come in. Unless the appliance is a high-end, expensive one, if the machine is more than a decade old, the best one can do is to purchase a replacement.

“Appliances are worth to be repaired if they’re under 5 years,” shares The Appliance Doctor. “It is important that the repair is done by an expert technician within the community, so that when another need arises, he can be called back again.”Getting an opinion from a professional appliance repair can help one determine whether a particular device is worth the repair or replacement.

About Cos Cob Appliance Repair: The Appliance Doctor provides appliance service for Cos Cob, Fairfield County and the surrounding New York City Area.  This provider has been in business for more than 30 years.  The Appliance Doctor is a licensed, insured and locally owned company that guarantees all of its appliance repairs.  The company boasts having uniformed technicians who respond promptly for washer repair, dryer repair, garbage-disposal, dishwasher or refrigerator repair, or any other appliance service. For more information, Call (203) 779-6415 or visit

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