Greenwich Appliance Repair Service Discloses Major Cause for Common Refrigerator Failure

Greenwich Appliance Repair Service Discloses Major Cause for Common Refrigerator Failure

Greenwich, CT – Some appliances break due to old age, but too many appliances need repair due to carelessness; Greenwich appliance repair The Appliance Doctor reveals. “Improper usage is one of the most common causes of refrigerator failure,” shares the company. Like the human body, machines, home utilities and appliances will last longer when maintained and repaired efficiently. However, when abused, these products will break down before one knows it.

“Refrigerators, for instance, are among the appliances we can’t live without,” says The Appliance Doctor ( “They keep your food and beverages in the best condition. However, how families use this appliance can be one reason why its efficiency deteriorates.” The number of times one open the door can generally affect its performance.

Below, the appliance repair service near Greenwich shares how many refrigerator repairs can be avoided by proper handling:

1. There are many times when the refrigerator door is not shut completely. This results in lost cooling, keeping its motor running for longer hours. In older refrigerators, warm external air may enter in as when the cooling air escapes, causing seeping through the rubber lining. When this anomaly occurs, its best to find a refrigerator repair service to solve this problem before it worsens.

2. The position of the refrigerator may also affect its usable longevity. It’s important to keep it in a safe distance away from heating appliances like stoves and ovens. Kitchens should have adequate heat exhaust or the refrigerator should be moved to a cooler place.

3. Refrigerator doors should be refrained from being opened numerously. “Some designs have their own built-in water dispenser; families regularly opening the appliance just for water may cause the fridge to easily break down.”

4. One should remember that the rate of cooling depends on the containers placed in the refrigerator. Materials that can easily cool and conduct cooling to their contents are beneficial in helping the refrigerator motor run more effectively. Stuffing large metallic utensils, however, may ruin its cooling properties.

5. Do not store hot food. Not only does it ruin the food itself, but it affects the overall temperature inside the refrigerator.

When repair is needed, seek the help of an expert Greenwich appliance repair provider. More information can be found by watching

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