Troy locksmith explains differences between mechanical and electromechanical locks

Troy locksmith explains differences between mechanical and electromechanical locks

Summary: Troy locksmith service provider Folkstone Locksmith Service shares some information on various locks that are available nowadays.

Troy, MI Locksmith service in Troy, Folkstone Locksmith Service ( thinks that these days most of the people are familiar with only one lock, which is usually used for the security for every home or any other property. However, the reality is that there are lots of different types of locks available on the market. All of them operate in a different way and are useful in specific situations. 

This Troy locksmith shares some details about several kinds of locks. The locks are divided into two basic categories: mechanical and electromechanical.

Mechanical: No external electricity is required to operate mechanical locks. A device inside the lock is the only factor responsible for locking and unlocking of the device. Such locks can be opened only with the use of a key that matches that particular device. Without the secondary item a person will not be able to open the lock and access whatever is behind it.

Electromechanical: Electromechanical locks require electricity in order to operate and protect the premise. An appropriate key is still a must to gain access, but the process of unlocking the device itself is electronic. 

According to the locksmith service in Troy (, most of the modern commercial building and houses have electromechanical locks as they provide more sophisticated protection. They are way more flexible for the business need. Another advantage of these type of locks is that they can be monitored.

The locksmith service in Troy hopes that the basic understanding of the various types of locks will help home and commercial property owners make smarter choices when choosing their locks.


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